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How come I can never sleep before the first day of ANYTHING…

is the question of the hour. I think I would have STILL been asleep, had that stupid Booger Kitty not freaked out about an hour ago, prompting Doug to get up, put food and water in the dishes and come back to bed. By that time, I was just so awake, that I couldn’t get comfy anymore, hence, I’m UP!

Today is my first day back at CSR. I’m looking forward to and dreading it all at the same time. I guess I’m still in a state of denial that I’m actually going back there to fight the parking, the pain in the neck times, ect. I’m wondering what’s going on at ARC and wondering how everyone is. I miss them dearly, and walking into the scary resource center at CSR didn’t help me the other day. I was originally planning to wear my CBU t-shirt, jeans and a pair of shades along with my funky flip flops to class today, but I can’t find my CBU shirt! I think it’s still packed somewhere. I’m totally bummed.

I’m excited for my classes, except for research. Been there, done that. Only reason I have to retake? Dang B-. This stuff makes me wonder what the other 3 School Psych/counseling people are taking this semeser at CBU. I know Dr. Crist has some sort of plan. She’s just that type, but looking at the CSR plan, it just seems like we’re all still at square 1 after a year in the program.

Thursday is my first day at Sylvan Albany. I’m mixed about this one. Why? Several reasons…
1) I need to work. That is a good thing, but as you’ll see…I’m not sure about HERE.
2) This center is SO big that the right hand seems to not know what the left is doing. I called at 10:00 yesterday, and talked to the director about my position,ect. I also talked to the ONE E.D. at that time as well, who told me there were no hours at all this month. 5 hours later, I get a call from the 2nd E.D. telling me that I was hired and that there were plenty of hours, but in 2 hour blocks, and I could start on Thursday morning, which is the last day of day hours. This is the SAME type of thing that happened at the interview. The Director went on vacation and neglected to leave my application, resume, Sylvan certification, and credential with the people (the ed directors) that were interviewing me! ARRRGGGHHH!
3) I miss my Riverside Kids. Even the ones who drove me insane. I miss my table (Drama at 8 anyone?). I miss Rachelle, Brooke and Tarin (and Vanessa too!) and the rest of the crew there. I don’t think I’ll be able to come in to Albany and look at it with fresh eyes after walking into Riverside and hearing Ray say “YO! I’ll pay you 50.00 for your iPod! It’s USED and you got it FREE!” and then telling him that he had to pay fair market value. *giggle*
Overall, I’m still in “Sylvan Riverside is so much better” mode.
4) We have to update our own books. I know how. I don’t mind…but I got SPOILED not doing it myself, unless it was an emergency. That’s just a whine. Yes, cheese will be fine. Cheddar please.
5)I don’t think the “drama” will be as fun. Come on. Where else could I leave Frank a note on his table “COME TO THE MEETING, OR SUFFER MOVAL?” Where else could I watch a security guard (who is a freak) come in and hit on one of our teachers? It was more fun than a barrel of monkeys and I loved going every day for work. I can’t say that about every place I’ve been, and I’m kinda skeptical about here.

Oh, well. It will all work itself out. I’ll be fine in a week or so, once I hit my groove. Right now, I guess I’m just longing for something familiar that I know what to expect from, other than my family and some friends. In a matter of 3 weeks, my whole environment has changed..and I’m not doing as well with it as I thought I would. Oh, well again. I’ll get over it. It will just take some time.

To all of my buddies in the Gulf States…My prayers are with you! Be safe, come back in one piece..and may the damage be minimal if there has to be any. Check in when you can. I’ll be worried until I hear from you!


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People really do eat the’s not just for Asioricans anymore..

Today, we went to Super Wal Mart because, first off, I needed the ingredients for the fabled mint brownies (anyone who wants this stupidly easy recipie, email me), and I was DYING for an egg roll, and I was too cheap to go and get one from the Chinese resteraunt around the corner. Well, I find all of the ingredients for the egg rolls, except the wrappers. You can’t make egg rolls without the wrappers, and I really didn’t want to spend hours and hours in Super Wal Mart, so I find the first employee I can and ask. This gentleman had a 10 year name tag on and had a yellow tag underneath that said “Co manager”, hence you’d think he would know if they carried something or not. Knowing full well that a lot of people have no clue what egg roll wrappers or won ton skins are, I asked him the simplest question…”Do you guys have tofu? If you do, where would it be?” Dude looks at me in complete, abject horror as if I had asked him to scoop out and eat what he scooped out of the cat box. Well, the co-manager says “ummm..tofu? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of us carrying that, ever. Wait. I’m not sure. I don’t know. Maybe we do. If we do, it’s over in the produce section.”
That line poses 2 problems…
1. if you’re a CO MANAGER and you’re putting away GROCERIES and not dry goods, aren’t you supposed to know what you stock and what you don’t?
2. Why couldn’t he just say “Check the produce section?”

Well, we amble over to the produce section, and lo and behold, right by the tofu, are the egg roll wrappers that I so desperately need. I toss those in my cart and wander away thinking about the look on the manager’s face. Ok..when I say the word “tofu” to Doug, I get “OH, YUCK! You are SUCH an Asiorican!” But, he doesn’t deny that it is sold, and people actually EAT the stuff! This guy was in denial that the stuff actually exsisted and that people, outside of California, eat the stuff.

BUT, on the up side, I know where to get my egg roll wrappers and where to find them now…

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It’s a SLOW day, isn’t it…

Yesterday, we dropped Isaac off at my parents’ house for the afternoon. We had to go and get some things out of the shed at my Gram’s house. WELL, we forgot to leave diapers (that was the only slow thing on our part…as you’ll see.), and my parents went and got some for Isaac. They didnt’ get the first steps, they got the cruisers. Not bad in itself. We like those too…but MY MOM PUT THE DIAPER ON BACKWARDS! We didn’t notice it until this morning. Well, I had to call her. I just had to. I had to remind her that the tabs go in front..and make sure she wasn’t having what we call a “slow day.”

BUT, I still love her and she’s the best Isaac-sitter that I’ve ever had. Tonight we’re going over there for ravioli and a hang out night so they can play with Isaac. I think we’re also doing Latin Fest today. Isaac needs to know he’s even a tiny bit Latin. Should be an absolute blast. Wonder if I can find some yummy Empanadas…that’s one thing they couldn’t make in California!

And the quote of the day is…”Look. In 10 years, the dog is going to be dead, and if they’re in a picture, you’ll be traumatized. Why pay that much to put a dog in the ‘family portrait’?” Guess who said that…

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“I know..I’m just whining about it.”

Today’s conversation with Maveve started off with “do you know you’re a nut. Have I told you lately?” This was because I was telling her about my appointment with KIRK and my skippy interesting classes. The conversation went on, and as I was looking for a pen in the computer desk, I found a hammer in the top drawer and a pair of pajamas (not mine) in the bottom drawer..that lead Maeve to say “Y’all have issues.” We then went on to have a conversation about me not getting sympathy for a whine…and she reminded me that I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere…but I was just whining about it…

But the kicker of all of this started last night. I met with Dr. Fast for the first time at the Mandatory meeting that I had to RSVP to. I got out of taking intro to spec. ed. BUT, I have to take an upper division class. The good ones that were reccomended are with Dr. DeLuke. *BIIIGGG SIGH* I took Dr. DeLuke in undergrad, and wasn’t very thrilled with her. She was hard, vague and it was not the easiest class to deal with. All of my favorite profs are not teaching clases that I can take…but oh, well. I guess I’m going to have to suck up and interview with her and get into the class. I am just worried about any of her “hold over” notions of me, like the ones I have of her. BUT, I think we need to get the interview process started NOW so I can get into the class and have it locked in permanently for next semester.

I do have to rave about the program, though. I’m really happy that I got in. Unlike CBU, this is a 3 year program, with a complete year of internship. I found that I was one of 28 who got into the program! From what I heard, there were over 100 people who applied for the slots. It’s kinda nice and kinda scary at the same time to be one of the “chosen ones.” It’s kinda like toy story…the little alien who was int he Pizza Planet Machine. “The claw has chosen. He chooses who will stay and who will go.” I feel like the one who was pulled up, yelling “oooh! I have been chosen!” as the crane pulls him up.

This program has 3 full time faculty members, who are just committed to being there for the students and making this program amazing. Right now is such an exciting time for School Psychs. Lots of changes, lots of new things, lots of out with the old, in with the new philosophy. I’m just excited.

OH! And for my California buddies- I may be out your way sooner than you think! Try like Late March, Early April…The NASP convention is in ANAHEIM this year! WOOHOO! If the president set by the college last year holds, they got their plane tickets paid for…so If they do that, I’ll be RIGHT THERE and over to CBU to visit my favorite Resource Center!

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yet again…things that could have been done BEFORE I got here…

I had my interview with Sylvan Albany on the 15th. this was set up by the dang director, who convieniently was on vacation that week. I understand that, but when I called today, at the request of the person who interviewed me, I was told that they hadn’t even checked my dang references! WTF!!It’s frustrating because they have had the information over a week, but have done nothing about it. I think they so need to get their rears in gear and get going, because I REALLY want to get back to work, and they all but promised me a job on the phone. I can’t stand it. The waiting game is driving me insane. I’m in so need of money, and it’s just a headache.

ON TOP OF THIS…I’m in “dolt” status. I went to buy my books yesterday for classes, and I grabbed the books for the wrong section of my one class. NOW, I have to go and exchange them, and get the right books. I just can’t believe I got the wrong books! I’ve NEVER done this before. What an idiot I am. THEN, to add to this, I look at my schedule today, and realize that my long day is WED instead of Tuesday. So, there goes the original day for Isaac’s EI evaluation. So, I call Marie and get her to adjust it, and then I get the packet for the evaluation. Yesh. this thing is HUGE. So, I was thinking about it and I called Marie to make sure we had the same ppl evaluating Isaac..and we do…so now It’s up to me to finish this dang form. ICK.

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The wonders of DSL…

This afternoon, after we got back from Noah’s party, we finally got to really test out our new DSL. First thing I do, is call Maeve. I had to tell her about a bunch of Noah’s presents, and the one that lead Jason’s dad to yell “Hey Noah! That’s not Kosher!” So, I want to tell her about this hilarious experience I had the other night, and I don’t want to have some eavesdroppers…soooooo, I tell her to LOG ON. She says “wait. you don’t mean that even though we’re on the phone, you want me to get on the stupid computer? We’re going to chat in both places?” I said “Yeppers…” and proceded to type a “you don’t get any brownies if you don’t log on!”

SO, I tell her the story of the hour and we begin to massively giggle..and then Nathan walks into the room on her end. Doug has been ignoring me this far…so that’s a good thing…So, Nathan wants to know what is going on…Maeve can hardly talk, she’s laughing so hard, and Nathan tells me she’s sounding like she’s had one too many apple martinis…and procedes to start reading the converstation…I had to tell him to close his eyes.

But, let me tell you…it is a wonderous thing when you can talk to someone and then simultaneously chat on line with them. It’s quite the experience. More people around the world need to experience DSL. I’m hooked. It’s up there with Mac computers. DIAL UP! NEver again! I think I’ll use dial up as part of my repatriation plans. Those who do not submit to Small world, will be relegated to SUPER SLOW dial up…FOREVER. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA! Then, they can get hit with guacamole.

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Oh, wow! we actually have a KITCHEN!

Now, I’ve found almost all of my kitchen. Today, I opened a box, and under a set of x-rays, my favorite Roots hoodie and a t-shirt, was my 2 cookie sheets, my bowls, some cups and some mason jars that once held applesauce. It was absolutely nice to see these things, as I swore they never, ever made it! Now, all I need is the large pot, and I’m happy. I may just head to K-mart and get that awesome non stick stock pot for my kitchen. that’s a cool thing to have!

Maeve called today, and had me laughing yet again. I think, at some point when we get together, it will be a laugh fest. I can’t wait to see what she calls me today in her blog. She had the interesting day…not me. I just got to the apllestore to get my computer fixed, and now my keyboard doesn’t do the “popcorn” thing. The screw is actually good and not stripped! WOOHOO! Doug’s happy because he can use the other computer again, and i can get back on Yahoo. Now all that neds to happen is we need to go and get our DSL installed. I think we’ll do that, at the latest, tomorrow. We’ve been putting it off, and putting it off.

Tomorrow is also Noah’s bday party. Should be fun! It’s been a week of flashbacks. I’ve seen more people who I haven’t seen in YEARS. Fun, fun, fun.

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