The wonders of DSL…

August 21, 2005 at 8:46 pm Leave a comment

This afternoon, after we got back from Noah’s party, we finally got to really test out our new DSL. First thing I do, is call Maeve. I had to tell her about a bunch of Noah’s presents, and the one that lead Jason’s dad to yell “Hey Noah! That’s not Kosher!” So, I want to tell her about this hilarious experience I had the other night, and I don’t want to have some eavesdroppers…soooooo, I tell her to LOG ON. She says “wait. you don’t mean that even though we’re on the phone, you want me to get on the stupid computer? We’re going to chat in both places?” I said “Yeppers…” and proceded to type a “you don’t get any brownies if you don’t log on!”

SO, I tell her the story of the hour and we begin to massively giggle..and then Nathan walks into the room on her end. Doug has been ignoring me this far…so that’s a good thing…So, Nathan wants to know what is going on…Maeve can hardly talk, she’s laughing so hard, and Nathan tells me she’s sounding like she’s had one too many apple martinis…and procedes to start reading the converstation…I had to tell him to close his eyes.

But, let me tell you…it is a wonderous thing when you can talk to someone and then simultaneously chat on line with them. It’s quite the experience. More people around the world need to experience DSL. I’m hooked. It’s up there with Mac computers. DIAL UP! NEver again! I think I’ll use dial up as part of my repatriation plans. Those who do not submit to Small world, will be relegated to SUPER SLOW dial up…FOREVER. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA! Then, they can get hit with guacamole.


Entry filed under: insanity.

Oh, wow! we actually have a KITCHEN! yet again…things that could have been done BEFORE I got here…

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