yet again…things that could have been done BEFORE I got here…

August 23, 2005 at 2:15 pm Leave a comment

I had my interview with Sylvan Albany on the 15th. this was set up by the dang director, who convieniently was on vacation that week. I understand that, but when I called today, at the request of the person who interviewed me, I was told that they hadn’t even checked my dang references! WTF!!It’s frustrating because they have had the information over a week, but have done nothing about it. I think they so need to get their rears in gear and get going, because I REALLY want to get back to work, and they all but promised me a job on the phone. I can’t stand it. The waiting game is driving me insane. I’m in so need of money, and it’s just a headache.

ON TOP OF THIS…I’m in “dolt” status. I went to buy my books yesterday for classes, and I grabbed the books for the wrong section of my one class. NOW, I have to go and exchange them, and get the right books. I just can’t believe I got the wrong books! I’ve NEVER done this before. What an idiot I am. THEN, to add to this, I look at my schedule today, and realize that my long day is WED instead of Tuesday. So, there goes the original day for Isaac’s EI evaluation. So, I call Marie and get her to adjust it, and then I get the packet for the evaluation. Yesh. this thing is HUGE. So, I was thinking about it and I called Marie to make sure we had the same ppl evaluating Isaac..and we do…so now It’s up to me to finish this dang form. ICK.


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The wonders of DSL… “I know..I’m just whining about it.”

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