“I know..I’m just whining about it.”

August 25, 2005 at 10:32 am Leave a comment

Today’s conversation with Maveve started off with “do you know you’re a nut. Have I told you lately?” This was because I was telling her about my appointment with KIRK and my skippy interesting classes. The conversation went on, and as I was looking for a pen in the computer desk, I found a hammer in the top drawer and a pair of pajamas (not mine) in the bottom drawer..that lead Maeve to say “Y’all have issues.” We then went on to have a conversation about me not getting sympathy for a whine…and she reminded me that I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere…but I was just whining about it…

But the kicker of all of this started last night. I met with Dr. Fast for the first time at the Mandatory meeting that I had to RSVP to. I got out of taking intro to spec. ed. BUT, I have to take an upper division class. The good ones that were reccomended are with Dr. DeLuke. *BIIIGGG SIGH* I took Dr. DeLuke in undergrad, and wasn’t very thrilled with her. She was hard, vague and it was not the easiest class to deal with. All of my favorite profs are not teaching clases that I can take…but oh, well. I guess I’m going to have to suck up and interview with her and get into the class. I am just worried about any of her “hold over” notions of me, like the ones I have of her. BUT, I think we need to get the interview process started NOW so I can get into the class and have it locked in permanently for next semester.

I do have to rave about the program, though. I’m really happy that I got in. Unlike CBU, this is a 3 year program, with a complete year of internship. I found that I was one of 28 who got into the program! From what I heard, there were over 100 people who applied for the slots. It’s kinda nice and kinda scary at the same time to be one of the “chosen ones.” It’s kinda like toy story…the little alien who was int he Pizza Planet Machine. “The claw has chosen. He chooses who will stay and who will go.” I feel like the one who was pulled up, yelling “oooh! I have been chosen!” as the crane pulls him up.

This program has 3 full time faculty members, who are just committed to being there for the students and making this program amazing. Right now is such an exciting time for School Psychs. Lots of changes, lots of new things, lots of out with the old, in with the new philosophy. I’m just excited.

OH! And for my California buddies- I may be out your way sooner than you think! Try like Late March, Early April…The NASP convention is in ANAHEIM this year! WOOHOO! If the president set by the college last year holds, they got their plane tickets paid for…so If they do that, I’ll be RIGHT THERE and over to CBU to visit my favorite Resource Center!


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yet again…things that could have been done BEFORE I got here… It’s a SLOW day, isn’t it…

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