It’s a SLOW day, isn’t it…

August 27, 2005 at 8:26 am Leave a comment

Yesterday, we dropped Isaac off at my parents’ house for the afternoon. We had to go and get some things out of the shed at my Gram’s house. WELL, we forgot to leave diapers (that was the only slow thing on our part…as you’ll see.), and my parents went and got some for Isaac. They didnt’ get the first steps, they got the cruisers. Not bad in itself. We like those too…but MY MOM PUT THE DIAPER ON BACKWARDS! We didn’t notice it until this morning. Well, I had to call her. I just had to. I had to remind her that the tabs go in front..and make sure she wasn’t having what we call a “slow day.”

BUT, I still love her and she’s the best Isaac-sitter that I’ve ever had. Tonight we’re going over there for ravioli and a hang out night so they can play with Isaac. I think we’re also doing Latin Fest today. Isaac needs to know he’s even a tiny bit Latin. Should be an absolute blast. Wonder if I can find some yummy Empanadas…that’s one thing they couldn’t make in California!

And the quote of the day is…”Look. In 10 years, the dog is going to be dead, and if they’re in a picture, you’ll be traumatized. Why pay that much to put a dog in the ‘family portrait’?” Guess who said that…


Entry filed under: insanity.

“I know..I’m just whining about it.” People really do eat the’s not just for Asioricans anymore..

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