What I did on my summer vacation…

September 6, 2005 at 5:21 am Leave a comment

Besides the move, this tops it all. Trust me.

Mom and Dad said there was a “heritage festival” downtown at the Corning Preserve, right on the Hudson River. We had nothng better to do, and the day was nice enough, so we went. The event was sponsored by Cabot Cheese. I say this for a reason. I promise, it will all make sense….

There was an exhibition from the Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown, where they were showing all sorts of vintage toys, doing custom printed name sets (Isaac got one..it’s absolutely beautiful) and making nails..all totally freebie. THEN, there was the Alpaca farm that was there selling yarn. Totally soft. I’m taking knitting classes soon, so I ALMOST bought some realllllly pretty grey yarn to make a scarf, mittens and hat with for when it gets super cold here. There were the Aqua Duck people (duck tours..aqueous vehicles! Neato-bandito!), and some other really cool exhibits, as well as a canal schooner that you could go and explore.

The highlight of the day? I milked an electric cow. Yes, you read that right. I milked an electric cow. I have the pictures to prove it. Since Cabot Cheese wa the sponsor, they had people singing songs about cheese, they had a bean bag toss, where we (Isaac too!) got prizes, such as cow print band aids, pencils, coloring books, ect. They had this one part where they had a kind of “barn” set up, with what looked like a cow’s hindquarters sticking out. Udders and all. They had buckets under the udders. You got to “milk” the cow..and water came out. It was HILARIOUS. They even took polaroids of you, and put it in a souvenir sleeve.

The reaction of my family? HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER. Nothing new here…but dang, was it fun.

And now you see why this was the highlight of my summer vacation….


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