The saga roars on…

September 7, 2005 at 1:10 pm Leave a comment

I so needed a bathroom break during child psych and of course, the bathroom is all the way down the hall, past the Touhey forum and a fast right. it’s also right by the education office where alll of the professors in the education department (for the most part) are. So, as I’;m about to turn into the bathroom, who do I run smack into? Dr. DeLuke. The infamous, twitch inducing, Dr. DeLuke. The thought of Her severely handicapped class is still enough to bring me to nightmares for a week. I figured this would be the perfect time to “break the ice” so I can get into her Autism/PPD class for the spring, as well as one other, so I don’t have to take introduction to special education and classroom management.

WELL, I think she’s mellowed out over the years and has really toned her scary-ness down! She was actually NICE and glad that I was interested in taking the class! holy cow! SO, I’m setting up an appointment to talk to her in November when we register for classes so I can take the autism/ppd and emotional disturbance class. Not like I need more experience in ED kids, but hey…it’ll be fun,a nd I think someone “normal” is teaching it.

hey…it’s a good tihng..I think.


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