The Chocolate Gecko, The Periwinkle Sheep and The Yoga Loft

September 10, 2005 at 9:33 pm Leave a comment

A week-ish ago, my mom was talking about picking back up knitting. I was drooling over that “knitting for dummies” at Barnes and Noble, so I told her I’d like to learn. So, we go on a hunt for classes in the area. Turns out, there is a class at the Periwinkle Sheep. This place is about a block from my house and is next door to the Chocolate Gecko (a chocolate shop) and the Yoga Loft.

At first glance, one would think it’s an odd combo. It really is, until you realize taht in there, there is another shop called “Will you marry me?” So, in essence, you can get engaged, get some chocolate (the apples are to DIE FOR) and then go meditate the lbs you have gained away at the Yoga loft before you go and Knit at the Sheep!

BUT, I did learn how to garter stitch and purl. YAY! I’m working on a scarf made out of alpaca yarn. The owner, Karen, said that it’s like working with cloud. I also picked up some Yin and Yang yarn so I can work on another scarf. Karen had that on sale. I was looking at it out the window, and said it looked “zen-y” and Karen started laughing telling me it was called “Yin and Yang” because you can blend it. It’s really neato. It was amazing. I had so much fun today! I’ll most likely be back so I can figure out how to cast on again. I tried it myself today and I was like “oopsie!” This means, I’ll go back later in the week for a refresher on how to cast on. I ‘m not soo bright when it comes to that.

The other good thing about today was that I made a ton of new freinds. The Periwinkle sheep is just a great treasure trove of people and so is The Chocolate Gecko. I can’t wait until I start Pilates at Yoga Loft. I bet I’ll find more people who are as “oddball” as me, and in a great way. I have to hand that to Smallbany. The people are odd, eclectic and wonderful all rolled into one, and they love you for who you are, and what you think and dont’ care about your politics. It’s quite nice.


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The saga roars on… Crash!

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