And the reighn of stupid people continuses!

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How come I always tend to find the places that are firing people or have sub standard employees? Beats me, but let’s examine th elatest fiasco in my long line of them….

I needed new contacts. NO ONE would take an out of state perscription. No one. SO, I had to get a new exam. I saw the deal from America’s best. If you joined their eye care club for 99.00, you got free exams for 3 years and tons of discounts. Ok. Sounds good to me. I was getting some contacts and a pair of back up glasses, because mine didn’t survive the move. Exam and stuff, standard. No biggie. So, I tell the doc, I want BOTH contacts and classes. He agreed with mea nd wroe the scrip for both. I go to pick out my glasses, and find the coolest pair, and am totally in love with them. I go to get them made and check out. The one optometrist ignores me and another one takes care o fme. He tells me the final price and then says that the other one needs to finish it up, aned that she may cut me a deal. Ok. No biggie. the price wasn’t that bad to begin with, so I wasn’t complaining. The female optometrist comes over, and is RUDE as all get out. She snatches the frame from me and basically tries to bully me into the highest end lenses that could be placed in my glasses, telling me “you’re as blind as a bat. You need them to look thinner so no one makes fun of you.” Erm. I’m not reallly that blind. I know people with worse perscscriptions than me. So, I ended up getting the lenses the DOCTOR reccomended (polycarbonite) and those were pretty thin. This optometrist (the chick) also made some comment about how since I was SO blind that my lenses were going to cost extra. Nice, huh?

After ordering the glasses, I asked her several times how long the glasses would take to come in. She ignored me at least 5x. FINALLY, I went to the guy, and said “how long?” and he said 5 days, because of back to school. Usually it’s 7-10 business days.I said “okie dokie.” and left. Mind you, I paid cash, and for the whole thing up front.

Well, 8 days go by,a nd I call looking for my glasses, as I’m tired of wearing my contacts all day-my eyes need the break. Well, no glasses. They said “oh, they’re at the lab being made. They should be here any day.” Ok. fine. whatever. Well, I get some major contact irritation in my eye from the new lenses, and I go in. I ask about my glasses, and lo and behold, they are STILL not there. This is now 17 days after the fact. I go, and get new contacts (new brand) beacuse this is what the doc reccomended, and they had to order the trial pair. Ok. Fine. 3-5 days? whatever. I got that in writing after teh glasses fiasco.

Get a phone call on SATURDAY. My contacts, yes CONTACTS are in. No sign of my glasses. I talk to the manager on the phone, and she looked it up, and there was even no sign of them at the lab. She said she’d have an answer whenI got there to pick up my lenses. Okie dokie….

Get there…and OMG. The evil optometrist 1) NEVER SENT IN MY FRAMES and 2) CANCELLED MY ORDER about a week ago! The kicker? She’s not there to answer for all of this. She got FIRED. Plus, from what I’m hearing, she even screwballed about 10 other orders. SO, now, I have no glasses, and they can’t find my frames to make the glasses. great. SO, I had to pick a new frame, and I won’t be getting my glasses until the END OF THE WEEK!!! This is only because they put a rush on them because they screwed up. I did end up with a more expensive frame…but come on! This is insane. this isnt’ right. Now, I’m STILL stuck with only contacts…and my eyes SOOO need a break! ARGH!

and people wonder why I want everything in writing…and I’m gun shy walking into new experiences anymore. *sigh*


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