Of apples, closing doors and flies

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First off…we have this fly infestation all of a sudden. It’s really beginning to gross me out. They just kinda appear out of nowhere, and we’re not sure where they’re getting in! They’re the turqouise bodied variety…and they’re driving the cats insane. Yesterday, I must have killed 7 of them. We even went so far as to take out all of the garbage, put the empty cans/recyclables on the back porch and hardcore lysol down the garbage can (even though garbage day was MONDAY so there was nothing remotely in the can!) and I STILL killed 6! I’m getting bug spray today to spray the end of those stupid things and around the door jams and the windows…I want these things to STOP COMING INTO MY HOUSE!!!!! But, I’ve discovered one thing. A flat, Ikea pot lid makes a great fly swatter. It’s just LOUD.

And this all comes on the heels of a fun weekend.
Saturday, Margot got inducted into Phi Lambda Sigma. It’s the first “Beavis Event” I’ve been too in 6 years. It was quite nice. The only stress was keeping my little noisemaker quiet for the ceremony. Juice, a stroller and teddy grahms work well. After, we went to Friday’s for lunch. This is where my child’s weirdo eating habits are put to the test. We got some appetizers..we got sesame jack strips and spinach artichoke dip. Isaac had 1 chicken strip and a TON of the dip. I attempted to give him some on a tortilla chip, and the kiddle dumped the dip off of the chip and ate the dip, and then demanded more! He must hav ehad 3 HUGE spoonfulls of dip! He also ate a ton of his steamed broccoli that came with his meal. The kid then ate DINNER!!! Gee…growing boy anyone?

On Sunday, we went apple-ing with Beth, Jason and Noah. We started out at Bowman Orchard. The line to get into the parking lot was outrageous. You couldn’t make a left turn into the lot, so you had to go, turn around on the other road and make a Right in. There must have been a line up of about 30 cars there. We immediately re-thought that choice…and made a mental note that Bowman Orchard really can’t handle massive amounts of cars coming in. We figured we’d head over to Indian Ladder at that point, because we swore Gould’s was having an apple festival. We get to Indian Ladder and it is nowhere near as bad as Bowman. We head up to the main section and let the boys run around and play. Isaac was in the backpack most of the time, because he would have been over dismantling the flower gardens. Of course we saw the cider press, watched them making the donuts and thought of hiking, but Noah’s stroller wouldn’t have done so hot on the hike and it just wasn’t a day for hiking.
Long story short, we all ended up with apples, donuts and assorted goodies. Then, we piled back into the van and went to lunch at Mangia. YUMMY. Isaac and Noah had the same th ing for lunch and Isaac powered it down!

That evening, we picked up Margot from work, and had her over for dinner. Let me tell you, she earned her “free meal!” She took on the task (with help) of bathing Isaac. This kid loves the tub…it’s like a water ride. You WILL get wet! He got in the tub, and started splashing around, having a great time. I think Margot was soaked enough…Afte rthe bath, she played with the little goofball, and when we put him down to sleep, we had ice cream and watched Animal House. Fun.

So, onto the closing doors. Isaac’s latest thing is shutting doors. No matter what door it is, he shuts it.So, I’ve been shut in the closet, the fridge and any door he can..but the kicker is he can’t OPEN the doors. He’s shut himself in his room, our room and the bathroom. He can’t turn the knobs, so he gets upset and SCREAMS! Last night, as I was finishing off my dinner, I heard this scream. Isaac had been playing in his room, and we didn’t think much of it. He does that. He goes, plays in his room, and then comes out. So, I sent Doug to go investigate. I just wanted to finish my soup! Everyone else had finished dinner but me at that point!!! So, I hear “You little weirdo!” At this point, out comes Isaac, cup in hand, looking like he had been seriously crying. Turns out, he shut himself in the walk in pantry in the kitchen where we keep all of our pots and pans!I couldn’t help but laugh. This kid never ceases to amaze me with what he does..and what he thinks he can do!


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And the reighn of stupid people continuses! and it’s just kinda yuchy..

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