Of Seperation Anxiety and Diaper rash…

October 27, 2005 at 10:21 am Leave a comment

Isaac started back to day care for the first time in 3 months. In this time, the kiddle has not only made an almost effortless set of transitions across the country and into new surroundings, but has just thrived, even in this cold as heck climate. So, I kind of expected some sort of seperation anxiety at all of the change. New day care, new kiddles, ect. NOT A CHANCE! Isaac fought me to get him out of his jacket, ran in and started playing.

And it figures, to kill his absolutely seamless transition, he had to have poo drama. The constipation bug bit again, and of course, it all came to a head this week. The main problem wiht the constipation bug is that he gets diaper rash of hte worst kind. And when I say bad rash, I mean baaaad rash. It was so bad last night that his poor, cute little bum was bleeding from the strain. I feel so horrid, but what can you do, except slather him in cream and move on.

I feel terrible for the day care teachers, but again…what can I do? I can’t keep him out of day care for life…and I can’t really very well do more than I’m doing to make him GO. All I can do is be available and working with them to make sure that we try to prevent all of this.

Get this…after all of the drama, the kid FIGHTS me when I try to pick him up. He ran from me the other day, and went and started to play with the toys. What a kid. I have to carry him in in themornings, becausehe wants to go play with the preschoolers! It’s nice to know he’s happy where he is. I can now sit in the library or work with lots of confidence that he’ll be just fine.


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