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Grades, obnoxious profs and the like.

Well, I’m tired of waiting for Dr. Stokes to move on anything, so I just went above his head to Dr. Parker with a very politely worded email that basically stated that I didn’t deserve the grade that I got, and that my work is now GONE because it was on the ARC computers. I don’t have time to recreate it either. I’m just beyond po’d.

I’m THINKING Shelly lost it. She was a real pill all semester.
Now, I’m just waiting for Dr. Parker to get back to me. Hopefully, he’ll see it my way and force Stokes to do something about it.

BUT off of that.

Now, I get this paper back yesterday. By far, not the WORST thing ever written, but not the best I’ve ever done either. I got a not-so desirable grade. I can live with that. It brings me down to a B, but the point is the comment that “this is not graduate level work” was not acceptable to me. I’m sorry. I have a master’s. It IS grad level work. He wanted 4 pages of text and 10 references? WTF? How are you supposed to squeeze that in? I’ve got 6 in a 7 page literature review because they were the ones that were relevant. When I went to talk to him, I got stonewalled. I was not happy. I know, stop obsessing, rock the next two papers and rock the final (easy to do) and then go on your way! I’m TRYING! Again. if it was just the grade, I would have been ok…but the COMMENT. I told him straight up “I’ve never ever had this written on any paper of mine.” He again, blew me off.

Can this semester end any faster?


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and the stuff continues..

so, here’s the end of the last update…

Right now, we’re dealing with Isaac and a sinus infection. He was running a fever at day care yesterday and we had to go and get him. I had to fight the doc’s office and the rude receptionist to get him in to see Dr. Swicker. It was quite interesting. We also had the med fiasco. I called the insurance to find out what pharmacy I had to go to to get Isaac’s scrip. I was told “Any chain pharmacy.” I went to Eckerd and found out that they don’t have a contract with our insurance and I had to gun it to rite aid before they closed to get this dang perscription! ARGH. I tried to prevent all of this by calling. THe classic line? “I’m in the pharmacy department..and I’M TELLING YOU that you have to go to rite aid.” OBNOXIOUS. Even to the pharmacist.

THEN, Booger peed on the bed. Thank goodness for teh 9 layers that we have covering the mattress. I ended up stripping the bed at 11:00 last night and doing laundry all night. That was fun. Don’t know why she did it…don’t get it. Just hope she doesn’t do it again. I’m NOT kidding. Thank goodness for detergent!

BUT- Maeve- I need the colors
Mary- Have you colored any “friends” for Pam lately and is Jonathan still claming that he can be the rug? I will lay down Baptist Opression!

Ok…back to class. Need to pay attention now.

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What’s on my needles and other musings

So, I’m in the home stretch making presents…MAEVE…I NEED COLORS!!! CALL OR EMAIL! so, I’ve begun working on my Hogwarts house scarf. Having been sorted twice into Hufflepuff, I’m definately one of those! I visitited the Periwinkle Sheep (my addiction of choice in yarn shops) and got some Utopia yarn. This stuff is to DIE for. Nice, soft and acrylic so it washes easily. Also, not that expensive per skein. Love the stuff. Deana at the Sheep said that Hufflepuff is such an underrated house. I tend to agree. We don’t get as much of the credit as we should get! But I digress.

My dad’s hat is officially on the needles. It’s a bulky weight black “kool aid” cap with a winter blue contrast stitch. It’s Ribbed! Neato-bandito! Manda’s blankie (for Olivia! Welcome To the world!) isn’t on yet, because I need to get size 15 circulars. But, oh, is this blankie totally pretty.

Off of knitting, because people who read this dont’ want to read about my knitting exploits.

The reign of stupid people has begun at Build a Bear. In one weekend, I had people ask me for 1) a roadkill sign for an unstuffed bear. 2) If Build a Bear had an adult section that housed leather teddies, whips and handcuffs. 3) WHY the bear fully dressed wasn’t 20.00. 4) If they could take the bear, stuffing and heart home with a needle and stuff and sew it themeselves. 5) Why the mini beagle didn’t come with the large beagle and why she couldn’t just fit both shoes on 4 paws.

more later..class awaits.

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Things that make me absolutely pukey-feeling…

First and foremost are deadlines. I hate them. I like to take my time and get my stuff done. Right now, I should be working on my methods section of my research proposal. Am I? Nope. Do I care? Sorta. But not really. Dr. Ramos’ class has a paper due…do I care if its on time? NOPE. He’s not going to read them anytime soon, so why do I care when I get it in? He never takes points off…so who cares. Even the most anal retentive students in my class are like “oh, well.” with him.
What else makes me pukey-feeling is my outlaws. They seem to have this deluded notion that we’re…ok. let me clarify that statement…DOUG AND ISAAC are going to Phoneix for the holidays and leaving me here alone. Fat chance. They hate me as it is, so who the heck cares. It’s not right to seperate a family at the holidays, and with the way they’re treating me? I’m not sacrificing my holiday here to be with them. SORRY. Plus, I’m committed to working at the Bear and Sylvan. Frankly, right now, I’d even work at Sylvan full time with all of their dysfunctions over going to Phoenix. Don’t even get me started on what that place is like. 2 words: BARREN WASTELAND!!!
And another thing…I hate registration time! I registered for classes today…and all of the dang CRN numbers were wrong! I feel for Jonathan at the Student Solution Center. He took all 7 of my screaming (ok…just crabby) phone calls when it wouldn’t work, or when my PIN wasn’t working or when I was just beyond po’d at the system. He was a gem in fixing my classes, so I was into the one I needed that kept locking me out because of “prerequsite requirements.” Jonathan- thank you. You are absolutely a wonder.
SO, all said and done, I’m all locked into my classes. I’ve got 4 classes next semester and a workshop. These complete all of the “funky” swaps I’ve done because of my BS. SO, here’s the rundown of next semester…Autism, theories of learning, behavior disorders and counseling skills. PLUS, a one shot deal for violence prevention workshop.

Thank goodness for going out to see Harry Potter tonight. Thank goodness I can put my day behind me and fall into Hogwarts. I promise…no spoilers in my blog…

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21 children and a ton of animals later…

I’m flat out exhausted. Yesterday evening, I got to do a birthday party for 21…yes 21 5-6 year olds at da Bear. Wanna know what the budget was? 25.00 PER CHILD. Yes, 25.00 PER CHILD. The kids were allowed to get up to a 20.00 animal and then a 5.00 t-shirt. Oh, my lord. And oh, were some of them BRATS. There was the one who decided to slam on the stuffer and when I nicely asked him to be gentle (these were my exact words ______, you may do that, but please be gentle with the machine.)the little turd stuck his tongue out at me and CONTINUED to slam on the stuffer. Finally, the mom interviened…and he being the little brat he is, said “MOM! Leave me alone! I’ll do what I want!” This kid is 6. Oooh…if this were my child, he would have been out of that store so fast his head would have spun. Birthday or no birthday party. Then, there was the girl who had her heart set on getting a boxer dog (at 23.00)and went to the mom and begged and begged and begged…and the mom let her have it. I about fainted. The birthday girl even had a fit about it. *sigh*

Thank god for Anna. Man. She is the best party co-host a person could work with. The two of us were just in shell shock after that party. at 7 pm when we both went home, the two of us were both still going “21 kids? 25.00? Good God!”

wanna know what the final bill was?
I wish I had that kind of money.

But on the upside, there are the kids who come in every day that are just so amazing. One of the kids at this birthday party was DONATING her animal to Toys for Tots. She made a cookie monster and is donating it. What a kiddle. She didn’t eve care that it wasn’t for her. Neato kid.

Then there were the cutie pies who came in last Sunday. One in an electric wheelchair and one who was a double amputee (both around 7 at the oldest). They both had this awesome smile and the double amputee had SPIDER MAN prosthetic legs. Just adorable. Both sweet natured, both just happy to be. Not in the least bit spoiled…no attitude. Man. that’s what makes my week.

but hey…with the party, the parents were happy and the birthday girl, no matter how grouchy had fun.

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Nope…Rudolph was LAST year!

So, I’ve gone back to Build a Bear. This store is VERY different from the Ontario Mills store. It really is. There’s no sucking up to any manager so that you can stay past the holidays. They’re very even keel and they’re total crack ups. Kicker in all of this one is that it’s right across the hall from the evil store that has still refused to pay up. I even love the staff in this store more. Everyone is fun, nice and no one has any of the “superior” attitude like I saw lots of at the Mills.
This year’s animal (as you all have prolly seen in the commercials) is Frosty the Snowman. His cheeks light up and there’s all sorts of issues with that…because it’s a seperate battery pack that you can replace. But that’s not what’s funny. What’s funny is that I’ve had about 4 people come up to me and ask for Rudolph or Ukon Cornelius from LAST year. Nope. Out of those. Nope. Not going to get those back! SORRY! Troll Ebay if you have to…hehehe

Well, to make things even more hilarious, people are being dumb already. We had this woman come in who swore her frosty was defective. She drove all the way in from Duanesburg (30 minutes) just to find out that she wasn’t pushing the button on the hand to make sure that the snowman’s cheeks lit up! I’ve never seen someone SLINK out of a store that fast as red as she was. Hilarious.

I was a “Party bear” yesterday. Didn’t mind staying late to make sure this group had fun. I really enjoyed it. I had 12 5-6 year olds and they were so much fun. They were loud, silly and giggly…just what I needed after a full day. Putting the bears on our heads and jumping through the store was hilarious. I had people giggling at me…but I didn’t care. I have no shame. Childbirth will do that to you. Any shame you have goes o ut the window…so jumping through a store screaming ‘STUFF MY FRIEND” at the top of your lungs is really not an issue.

I think I have to work again Friday. Not sure. The schedule is in such flux, it’s hilarious. I came in trained, so they just tossed me on the floor. I’m now offically part of the “bear builder” crew. I get called at random times “can you come in???” and I usually do!

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Halloween and class schedules

Isaac’s 2nd Halloween was so much fun. I still don’t think he “gets” it, but hey..he’s only 18 months. Trick or treating with day care was hilarious. Think 8 toddlers, 5 office buildings and a ton of candy, toys and one really sweet golden retriever who Isaac tried to feed laffy taffy to! Right now, Isaac is in this stage, where anything with 4 legs, fuzzy and either loves on him (with slurps) or runs from him with a tail, is “KITTY”. Even the sweet golden at the office. It’s quite hilarious…at least he hasn’t tried to feed the cats tootsie pops..

It was amazing just watching how much Isaac has grown from last halloween…I can’t believe my little bug is getting so big and so much fun. It’s really interesting watching Antonia and Isaac together. Antonia is scared of everything…isaac could care less. He makes his own fun. It’s interesting.

Onto the class schedule part of all of this.

About a week ago, I made a new plan for my school schedule so I don’t have to take classes during my huge internship. So, I get the spring/summer schedule and lo and behold there are NOT 2 classes I can take during the summer! EWWWW. So, it looks like I’m going to be living in a world of 4 classes. BUT, the cool thing is the class schedule next semester is pretty light. It’s just a pain that my plan was thwarted yet again. It’s up there with me not getting credit for the stupid class that I took in CA. I’m going to have to retake that one! ARGH. Oh, well. Here we go again.

But at least I like t he program here. At least there is some purpose to all of this. I’ll be done soon..and no, I’m not teaching again. Get over it.

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