21 children and a ton of animals later…

November 20, 2005 at 7:32 am Leave a comment

I’m flat out exhausted. Yesterday evening, I got to do a birthday party for 21…yes 21 5-6 year olds at da Bear. Wanna know what the budget was? 25.00 PER CHILD. Yes, 25.00 PER CHILD. The kids were allowed to get up to a 20.00 animal and then a 5.00 t-shirt. Oh, my lord. And oh, were some of them BRATS. There was the one who decided to slam on the stuffer and when I nicely asked him to be gentle (these were my exact words ______, you may do that, but please be gentle with the machine.)the little turd stuck his tongue out at me and CONTINUED to slam on the stuffer. Finally, the mom interviened…and he being the little brat he is, said “MOM! Leave me alone! I’ll do what I want!” This kid is 6. Oooh…if this were my child, he would have been out of that store so fast his head would have spun. Birthday or no birthday party. Then, there was the girl who had her heart set on getting a boxer dog (at 23.00)and went to the mom and begged and begged and begged…and the mom let her have it. I about fainted. The birthday girl even had a fit about it. *sigh*

Thank god for Anna. Man. She is the best party co-host a person could work with. The two of us were just in shell shock after that party. at 7 pm when we both went home, the two of us were both still going “21 kids? 25.00? Good God!”

wanna know what the final bill was?
I wish I had that kind of money.

But on the upside, there are the kids who come in every day that are just so amazing. One of the kids at this birthday party was DONATING her animal to Toys for Tots. She made a cookie monster and is donating it. What a kiddle. She didn’t eve care that it wasn’t for her. Neato kid.

Then there were the cutie pies who came in last Sunday. One in an electric wheelchair and one who was a double amputee (both around 7 at the oldest). They both had this awesome smile and the double amputee had SPIDER MAN prosthetic legs. Just adorable. Both sweet natured, both just happy to be. Not in the least bit spoiled…no attitude. Man. that’s what makes my week.

but hey…with the party, the parents were happy and the birthday girl, no matter how grouchy had fun.


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