Things that make me absolutely pukey-feeling…

November 22, 2005 at 3:43 pm 2 comments

First and foremost are deadlines. I hate them. I like to take my time and get my stuff done. Right now, I should be working on my methods section of my research proposal. Am I? Nope. Do I care? Sorta. But not really. Dr. Ramos’ class has a paper due…do I care if its on time? NOPE. He’s not going to read them anytime soon, so why do I care when I get it in? He never takes points off…so who cares. Even the most anal retentive students in my class are like “oh, well.” with him.
What else makes me pukey-feeling is my outlaws. They seem to have this deluded notion that we’re…ok. let me clarify that statement…DOUG AND ISAAC are going to Phoneix for the holidays and leaving me here alone. Fat chance. They hate me as it is, so who the heck cares. It’s not right to seperate a family at the holidays, and with the way they’re treating me? I’m not sacrificing my holiday here to be with them. SORRY. Plus, I’m committed to working at the Bear and Sylvan. Frankly, right now, I’d even work at Sylvan full time with all of their dysfunctions over going to Phoenix. Don’t even get me started on what that place is like. 2 words: BARREN WASTELAND!!!
And another thing…I hate registration time! I registered for classes today…and all of the dang CRN numbers were wrong! I feel for Jonathan at the Student Solution Center. He took all 7 of my screaming (ok…just crabby) phone calls when it wouldn’t work, or when my PIN wasn’t working or when I was just beyond po’d at the system. He was a gem in fixing my classes, so I was into the one I needed that kept locking me out because of “prerequsite requirements.” Jonathan- thank you. You are absolutely a wonder.
SO, all said and done, I’m all locked into my classes. I’ve got 4 classes next semester and a workshop. These complete all of the “funky” swaps I’ve done because of my BS. SO, here’s the rundown of next semester…Autism, theories of learning, behavior disorders and counseling skills. PLUS, a one shot deal for violence prevention workshop.

Thank goodness for going out to see Harry Potter tonight. Thank goodness I can put my day behind me and fall into Hogwarts. I promise…no spoilers in my blog…


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  • 1. daxiegirl06  |  November 23, 2005 at 11:17 am

    That movie was so awesome. Shame that Mom couldn’t go with us..

  • 2. mischief0617  |  November 23, 2005 at 4:21 pm

    We’re going to see it tonight!! LOL!!!!


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