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November 29, 2005 at 11:38 am Leave a comment

So, I’m in the home stretch making presents…MAEVE…I NEED COLORS!!! CALL OR EMAIL! so, I’ve begun working on my Hogwarts house scarf. Having been sorted twice into Hufflepuff, I’m definately one of those! I visitited the Periwinkle Sheep (my addiction of choice in yarn shops) and got some Utopia yarn. This stuff is to DIE for. Nice, soft and acrylic so it washes easily. Also, not that expensive per skein. Love the stuff. Deana at the Sheep said that Hufflepuff is such an underrated house. I tend to agree. We don’t get as much of the credit as we should get! But I digress.

My dad’s hat is officially on the needles. It’s a bulky weight black “kool aid” cap with a winter blue contrast stitch. It’s Ribbed! Neato-bandito! Manda’s blankie (for Olivia! Welcome To the world!) isn’t on yet, because I need to get size 15 circulars. But, oh, is this blankie totally pretty.

Off of knitting, because people who read this dont’ want to read about my knitting exploits.

The reign of stupid people has begun at Build a Bear. In one weekend, I had people ask me for 1) a roadkill sign for an unstuffed bear. 2) If Build a Bear had an adult section that housed leather teddies, whips and handcuffs. 3) WHY the bear fully dressed wasn’t 20.00. 4) If they could take the bear, stuffing and heart home with a needle and stuff and sew it themeselves. 5) Why the mini beagle didn’t come with the large beagle and why she couldn’t just fit both shoes on 4 paws.

more later..class awaits.


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Things that make me absolutely pukey-feeling… and the stuff continues..

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