Grades, obnoxious profs and the like.

November 30, 2005 at 6:39 pm Leave a comment

Well, I’m tired of waiting for Dr. Stokes to move on anything, so I just went above his head to Dr. Parker with a very politely worded email that basically stated that I didn’t deserve the grade that I got, and that my work is now GONE because it was on the ARC computers. I don’t have time to recreate it either. I’m just beyond po’d.

I’m THINKING Shelly lost it. She was a real pill all semester.
Now, I’m just waiting for Dr. Parker to get back to me. Hopefully, he’ll see it my way and force Stokes to do something about it.

BUT off of that.

Now, I get this paper back yesterday. By far, not the WORST thing ever written, but not the best I’ve ever done either. I got a not-so desirable grade. I can live with that. It brings me down to a B, but the point is the comment that “this is not graduate level work” was not acceptable to me. I’m sorry. I have a master’s. It IS grad level work. He wanted 4 pages of text and 10 references? WTF? How are you supposed to squeeze that in? I’ve got 6 in a 7 page literature review because they were the ones that were relevant. When I went to talk to him, I got stonewalled. I was not happy. I know, stop obsessing, rock the next two papers and rock the final (easy to do) and then go on your way! I’m TRYING! Again. if it was just the grade, I would have been ok…but the COMMENT. I told him straight up “I’ve never ever had this written on any paper of mine.” He again, blew me off.

Can this semester end any faster?


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and the stuff continues.. Well, well, well…

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