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School break has definately hit

I worked at da bear yesterday for the first time since Monday and the whole day care fiasco (day care closed…crossed signals with teacher, thought day care open…BIG MESS ensued), and man, was I completely unprepared for this whole thing. we had people waiting at our gate at 10 am for us to open and we had a rush. I didn’t leave the stuffer for at least an hour and a half to start with! HOLY COW!!! What a day. We had a line out the door all the way to kirkland, and we were blocking their entrance for a while because of the amount of people in line! It was sooooooo bad, that I didn’t get a break! (went home early instead. Didn’t even notice the time until it was 2:20!!!)

But what floors me is how rude some people can be. Yes, we had a long line to stuff, yes, the store was crowded,but’s not the employees’ fault! Someone walked in to get outfits, and I had someone yell at me “Wait. Why do they get to go in and we have to wait in line?” My response? “Are you stuffing an animal?” “Yes,” “They’re getting clothes. The line you’re in is to stuff. We have 3 stuffers running, and we’re going as fast as we can.” (customer shuts up with tail between legs)

Then, I had people ask me what we were giving away that caused such a line….and some were downright rude about it.
I don’t know if I’m up for another day of this! LOL!


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I thought the holiday rush was over after Christmas…

I thought things would slow down…i was massively wrong. I’v ebeen besieged with doctor’s appointments (Isaac, a TB test for me anda physical for me for the new job), work hours (and after today, 2 more days at sylvan! WHOOPIE!) and just general other things. Tuesday, I start my new job over at Little Flower as Head teacher in Pre-k. Nervous, not really. Excited, Kinda. Wanting a full week of NOTHING to do? YEP!!! But, benefits? Awesome! Holiday pay for days off? PERFECT! Working 2 doors down from my bug? The absolute best of both worlds!

But, I’m so confusled about what to do about Isaac’s early intervention teacher. She’s overly concerned about things that are NOT on his IFSP, and she’s ticking off all of his teachers. I’m beyond irritated. She’s been at it for 3 months, and I see NO progress, other than what Isaac has made on his own. I have calls into the EDIO (Candace) because the coordinator (Marie) is on vacation until the 17th, and I can’t sit on this untl then. His goals about decreasing frustration and using words are being completely ignored, and his goals on directions are being given minimal play. *sigh* Shes’ all over his gross motor, but karen (my cousin who is an OT) said I shouldnt’ be anywhere concerned about it. He’s just FINE in those areas. I wrote his EI teacher a slightly (ok, VERY) snippy letter stating that I want a progress update and I want her to stop focusing on his gross motor, and focus on his communication goals, and addressing some of the concerns that the day care teachers have raised about what is going on in the room when she is in there. It’s so nasty, that I dont’ think I can send it. I think I may leave her a note to call me to discuss some things.

On my knitting front, I’m working on a pair of socks. they’re in the Opal Ladybug yarn. If igure I’ll have them done by valentine’s day, and can wear them from there! LOL! But, we’ll see. I’ve got a ton of sock yarn, because the Periwinkle Sheep is having a killer sale. All yarn 30% off!!! WHOOPIIIIEEEEE! Bad idea for me. Trust me. with the discount, I bought about 60.00 worth of yarn. I bought 4 skeins of the opal sock yarn rainforest collection (1 ladybug, 1 fish, 1 chamelion and 1 parrot) and 3 skeins of the soft luxe sparkly wool/angora mix yarn for new fingerless mittens and a hat to match in this awesome muted purple. I was originally going to do light blue to completely match my jacket, but I’m really loving this purple,a nd I’m sick of working in blue. In the socks, I’m ribbing the cuff right now. we’ll see what happens when I get to turn the heel! I finally found a good picture and description of what to do, so we’ll see how that goes. I may end up going to drop in knitting to figure out how to turn the heel….but I think I’ll give it a try by myself first. I think I may knit up some fun chamelion socks for Isaac. those would be an absolute blast! I have a small pattern, so we’ll see how mine come out and then we’ll go from there.
I’ve still got my hufflepuff scarf on stitch holders, and I think I’ll have to order the yarn for Margot’s scarf. I can’t find the right colors for it. argh. I can find the heathered blue, but not the regular, nice blue that I need. I think that I’ll just have to do the whole order thing. Not what I wanted to do, but hey…what are you gonna do when you need the right colors?

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Happy Chrismukkah!

Hey. It’s true! This year, the first night of Chanukkah was on CHRISTMAS DAY!! So, it’s truly Chrismukkah! Yamiclauses anyone? (if you don’t know w hat they are, see the OC.)

we’re already in the holiday hangover. my house looks like toys r us vomited. I’ve got toys all over my living room floor, and a dang little tykes car in my dining room. Good lord! It was a good holiday. Isaac was EXTREMELY overwhelmed. he even had a few melt downs over some toys. But, he’s got so much to play with. We’re going to have to rotate toys. Only way to do it.

Even the cats are happy. They got chicken last night, and i think there are only scraps left on the plate dad put out for them! Booger was just in heaven. Nutty little cat!

So, today is offical “Be nice to your local retailers day.” Today, I have this sick feeling that all of our gift cards are going to come FLYING in and it will NOT be pretty. I’m thinking 2 hour lines? But, on the upswing, I know that this is my last week of Sylvan learning center. I’m so glad. I was so unhappy at this center. I miss my CA center! I miss everyone there, but that’s been detailed ad nauseum, so, I’m not even going to go there.

I think later I’m going to hit wal mart (this evening..LATE) and get the stuff that I want with my gift card. I’m heading for a DVD set and maybe a new printer. Ours went KAPUT.

Oh, well. Shower time.

BTW- the “I give up” mittens are finished. they KICK BUTT!!!. Maeve- how ’bout full out mitten-mittens for now. I’ll make youa pair of “hobos” as soon as I learn to do the tops and how to attach. whaddya think?

but again, Happy Chrismukkah!!

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Mittens and socks and hats, Oh, my!

I finally finished my dad’s hat! WOOHOO! I think this is the closest I’ve ever come to not having all of my shopping done by the end of the holiday! ARGH! This J-crew style hat came out a lot nicer than the pattern because 1) I changed the color. the colors on the pattern were HIDEOUS, and 2) I had to rip it out 4x before it even made it past the 2×2 ribbing!

And now, I’m finishing off my fingerless mittens. I LOVE them! I’m working on the ribbing for the 2nd one. I think eventually I’ll make up one with a full top. I call these my “I give up” mittens. I promised Maeve a pair. I’m labeling these because we’ve both given up dealing with our in laws for varying reasons. I’ve given up with EVERYONE on that side, and I think Maeve is getting there. So, we need matching mittens and hats that just scream “I give up!!!” I’ve been making things like this when I get frustrated. it’s just easier. (Btw- I’m using Unger Utopia color 138- and Maeve- do you want a hat too?)

Next is socks. One can never have to many socks. I think I get how to do them, but it’s the heel that’s going to kill me. Oh, well, it will be a fun adventure! I could use it. trust me! I need a good challenge.

This whole knitting thing is a blast. I think I’ll go and hunt down a project for after the socks!

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Everything and nothing at all…

I think the sleep depravation is catching up to me. I’m so tired! I’ve been at Build a Bear for hours on end for the past few weeks, including the past two Saturdays until the obscene hour of nearly midnight. BUT, this will all be coming to an end soon!

I’ve accepted a position at Little Flower Day Care. I’m going to be the head teacher in Pre-School 2. These are the 4 year old pre-k-er’s. They are just adorable. This is the best of both worlds to me. I get to work, get great bennies and have a good boss, as well as be 2 doors down from Squirt. I start January 3rd. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. I haven’t written a lesson plan in over a year and a half, and now I havve to start doing them every week again. ARGH. Plus, I haven’t written curriculum in the same time frame. I know that I’ll get back into the swing of things, but man. Writing all of these things again are just kinda freaking me out.

I’ve pretty much given up on the CBU grade saga. I’m upset, yes, but I think that since everyone is so in love with Dr. Stokes, I’m not going to get anywhere fast. I think that they should really do a bit more soul searching and make sure that they realize that this was crap. I’m going to petition for Phil Martinez to get the grade removed. I refuse to hve an F on my transcript that I don’t deserve. I deserve a C. I could live with that, but not an F.

I’m working on my second fingerless mitten. The first wasn’t so bad. I thought it would be worse. I’m also making Maeve a pair of full fledged mittens. They’re our “I give up” mittens for dealing with our in laws. They’re this awesome funky pastel speckeled yarn. It’s Utopia color 138 for anyone who wants to see!

and speaking of kniting….my holiday knits are almost done.

Margot has her funky scarf. She also wants a new style Ravenclaw one. that will get done eventually.
Dad’s hat needs to have a stitch fixed and be seamed.
MY hufflepuff scarf is on the stitch holder, because dad’s hat didnt’ like the dpn’s.
Doug’s hat is in the “what color do you want” stages, because he’s indecisive.
Isaac’s scarf is on hold, because those size 2 needles are TINY and stressing me out.
Maeve’s mittens are in progress. (Hey Maeve…you’d be shocked when I get a Maeve at BABW..and I know how to spell their name. the kids nearly FAINT!!)

I have this huge list of what’s next in my knitting. I think I’m going to do SOCKS next! Woohoo! Socks are cool beans.
I’m onto purses after that. I can’t wait to get the Stitch and Bitch books. Lots of fun projects to do! Oh, boy, oh, boy!

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Where is my dancing icon?

Oh, I’m just so thrilled. My classes are OVER! Yes, OVER. I took my last exam yesterday at 12:15. Not bad at all. It makes up for all of the buttcrack of dawn mornings that I spent working on finishing off my papers, exams and all. It didnt’ help that 90 % of my exams were take home this semester!
BUT, I know I got a B in research. Thank god. That class was a bear. Now, the unknown is my Counseling theory class. I think I got a B, but who the heck knows. His grading was just kinda weird. I can never predict what he will grade t hings with. blah. I know I passed child psych….Let’s not get into his grading. His was just BIZZARE. totally screwed up essays getting almost full credit? Huh? But, I digress

Now, I get to finish knitting things…I need to get down to business with my dad’s hat and my Hufflepuff scarf! I’m SOOO behind. I don’t even remember how many rows of yellow I need to do before I start my black again! Save me.

Plus, I need to get Olivia’s blanket done! I swear…I need to find some circular needles that will work for this sucker! It’s coming, Manda, it’s coming!

Ok..back to knitting…

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Losing Elmo and other Build A Bear musings

Last night, I went to stock the skins, and found that we had no more Elmo skins in the back! Our little furry, red monster will be no more most likely by the end of the week. I know things have to change, but it’s kind of sad. They’re adding all of these new animals,and taking out some old favorites. They just brought out Glitery pony. Oh, how purple and girly this thing is. It’s even got a cloud pillow that it sits on. Save me. The second weekend in January, we’re going to have a “glittery pony weekend” where you can get a TIARA for you and your pony. Good Lord. We’re getting the annual Valentine’s bear. This year, we’re getting one with red and pink hearts. The pics look horrendous, but who knows.
HEY MARGOT- WE’RE GETTING A COW!!! And oh, that cow is cute.

but enough on the animals.

I think the holidays bring out all of the weirdos. Some are weird in the fun way, others are just obnoxious. Let’s discuss 3 different groups who came in last night.

First group- Massively obnoxious. 3 guys and a girl. Guy 1 was buying a velvet teddy with a build a sound for the girl. His friends were just running around using every bit of vulgarity and talking about how their friend was prolly using the toilet as he was building his sound. I think they dropped the “f” bomb about 8 times, and that was with me asking them to refrain from doing that because there were children in the store. The one left his coat on a stuffer nozzle. WTF??? That nozzle is not a coatrack. I offered to hang it up for him, but he said he’d hold it, and basically chewed me out. I knew that it wasn’t a “yes” moment, but these guys were just beyond rude. During the heart experience, the one was flipping off the other two. These people did NOT need to be in my store. I think that we all cheered when these guys paid and LEFT.

Second group came in- 2 guys. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. Guy 1 made a sassy kitty for his girlfriend. He wanted to put a sound in AFTER the fact, so we did it. Easy 123-sie. The hilarious part of all of this was when the one guy’s friend showed up, and started telling him how to dress the cat,and all of that. Oh, we all were sore from laughing. Line of the evening? “Look. Don’t tell me how to dress my cat. You can’t dress, and you owe me 20.00, so unless you’re going to pay me, and then make these lovely ladies bears, you don’t even get to think of telling me how to dress this thing for my girl. Shut up and go away. Go buy yourself a pair of Jordans or something.” These two were just soooo funny…I thought my sides were going to burst.

Third group came in. This was my all time favorite group of the evening. One helped me fill the stuffer. He was just laughing about it all, and the one asked if he could stuff his own bear, so we let him loose on the nozzle and I think he must have gotten fluffed about oh, 10-11 times. it was HILARIOUS!!! the one who helped me fill the stuffer made a monkey, an dthe mom of the group made a frosty. They were attempting to dress them and they were just hilarious. think Monkey in a Pith helmet and a pair of Khaki shorts, and named “Croc Hunter”. Those are the fun groups.

But I digress. Thank goodness the holiday season of extended hours has only a few weeks left on it. I’m just THRILLED. After Christmas, no more midnight closings, no more stocking until 1 am.

Finals are almost over. I’m done with classes for the semester as of Wed. WHOOPIEEEEEE!!!!

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