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December 21, 2005 at 5:53 am Leave a comment

I think the sleep depravation is catching up to me. I’m so tired! I’ve been at Build a Bear for hours on end for the past few weeks, including the past two Saturdays until the obscene hour of nearly midnight. BUT, this will all be coming to an end soon!

I’ve accepted a position at Little Flower Day Care. I’m going to be the head teacher in Pre-School 2. These are the 4 year old pre-k-er’s. They are just adorable. This is the best of both worlds to me. I get to work, get great bennies and have a good boss, as well as be 2 doors down from Squirt. I start January 3rd. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. I haven’t written a lesson plan in over a year and a half, and now I havve to start doing them every week again. ARGH. Plus, I haven’t written curriculum in the same time frame. I know that I’ll get back into the swing of things, but man. Writing all of these things again are just kinda freaking me out.

I’ve pretty much given up on the CBU grade saga. I’m upset, yes, but I think that since everyone is so in love with Dr. Stokes, I’m not going to get anywhere fast. I think that they should really do a bit more soul searching and make sure that they realize that this was crap. I’m going to petition for Phil Martinez to get the grade removed. I refuse to hve an F on my transcript that I don’t deserve. I deserve a C. I could live with that, but not an F.

I’m working on my second fingerless mitten. The first wasn’t so bad. I thought it would be worse. I’m also making Maeve a pair of full fledged mittens. They’re our “I give up” mittens for dealing with our in laws. They’re this awesome funky pastel speckeled yarn. It’s Utopia color 138 for anyone who wants to see!

and speaking of kniting….my holiday knits are almost done.

Margot has her funky scarf. She also wants a new style Ravenclaw one. that will get done eventually.
Dad’s hat needs to have a stitch fixed and be seamed.
MY hufflepuff scarf is on the stitch holder, because dad’s hat didnt’ like the dpn’s.
Doug’s hat is in the “what color do you want” stages, because he’s indecisive.
Isaac’s scarf is on hold, because those size 2 needles are TINY and stressing me out.
Maeve’s mittens are in progress. (Hey Maeve…you’d be shocked when I get a Maeve at BABW..and I know how to spell their name. the kids nearly FAINT!!)

I have this huge list of what’s next in my knitting. I think I’m going to do SOCKS next! Woohoo! Socks are cool beans.
I’m onto purses after that. I can’t wait to get the Stitch and Bitch books. Lots of fun projects to do! Oh, boy, oh, boy!


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Where is my dancing icon? Mittens and socks and hats, Oh, my!

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