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My last day at Sylvan was Friday night. Thank the good lord. Do you know, in their infanite wisdom, those fools were going to have me come in on Saturday for 1 child for 2 hours? FORGET IT. When Tiffany told me “oh, I don’t need you for the first two hours, can you come inf or the 2nd two?” I said “why can’t you not need me for ANY of the hours?” I think I pissed her off. Oh, well. LIKE I CARE. I’ve saved their asses on many occasions, and this is the way I get treated my last week? Oh, come in an hour early because WE screwed up, oh, stay late every night, oh, be a few seconds late and we’ll leave a nasty message on your answering machine, because we’re too lazy ass ed directors to come in and we send in the director who can’t teach ANYTHING because he’s not a teacher!!

Ok, off of sylvan. That rant will end right here, right now, because I’m FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! FREEEEEE!!! (I need that dancing icon again.)

On another freeing topic, I wrote a long, very firm letter to Isaac’s early intervention teacher. She was NOT doing her job! I was hearing that she would spend most of the sessions sitting in a rocking chair taking notes and not even interacting with Isaac. She even lost track of him at one point, and picked up another child! HELP!! What the heck are you doing with my child? I basically wrote her this letter stating that i wanted a 3 month progress update. I know the sped law, and I’m not stupid. She’s lucky I even am giving her this 2nd chance, rather than firing her outright. She even tried to chew out Audra! Sure. Like I’m going to let her get away with thta one. NOT A CHANCE, SWEETIE. It felt amazingly good to write that letter and basically tell her off and tell her that my eyes are on her. Audra said she seemed scared when she found out I was going to be two doors down from her starting oh, THIS WEEK.

and did I mention that?

I took a full time position at Little Flower, teaching Pre-K. I’m 2 doors down from Isaac. YAY! benefits, good pay and I get to see my little boy more and more and more. Gotta love it! YAY!

Now, I’m going to go and hit the couch…and let this wine buzz wear off. I never drink thismuch ever, so I’m buzzing right now. thank god I hve tomorrow off. 🙂


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School break has definately hit Day care and school and exhaustion, OH MY!

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