So, are we in Vermont yet?

January 29, 2006 at 7:10 am Leave a comment

Things can’t get any weirder with me. Ok. I shouldn’t really say that, because when I do, it only getss weirder. Let’s just take a look at yesterday’s adventure.

Isaac and I got invited to Kate and Ray’s house for Ray’s 2nd birthday party. She lives in Holyoke, Mass. Nice little place. BUT, man. if you don’t know your Mass Pike exits, you’re in TROUBLE. I know the Mass Pike a bit, for example..I can get to Boston no problem…I can get to Lee, No problem! When you take me off of another exit, you better know where you’re sending me, especially when I have Isaac in the car!
Kate told me to take the Springfield exit of the Mass Pike to I-91. She said she thought it was exit 5. Ok. Springfield/I-91 is EXIT 4. Exit 5 says Chicopee. So, what do I do? take 4. She told me to junction the 91 to the 391. Ok. Not a problem, or so I thought. I was driving and driving and driving and driving and driving. I knew I was so far out of the way when I saw signs that said “Brattelborough, Vermont, 30 miles.” I like Vermont. I have nothing against the state of Vermont, but that’s NOT where I needed to be yesterday afternoon!

SO, I pull off at exit 26 of I-91, and ask for a map. Turns out I should have gotten off at CHICOPEE and gone North, instead of Springfield and gone North. Argh. SOOO, I get back on the Highway and go South and find my exit. I get to Kate’s an HOUR and a half late! ARGH! Oh, well. It was a blast. Maybe now that I know how to get to Vermont, I may hit the Ben and Jerry’s factory tour at some point. Fun, fun fun!


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