tote bags and socks and mall trips, Oh, my!

February 19, 2006 at 7:06 am Leave a comment

Thank heavens for 3 day weekends. I really have needed this.

First off, I pulled out of most of my classes for the semester. I can’t handle more than working full time and one class, and being a mommy. It just doesn’t work. On top of this, Doug has accepted a 3-11 position at a local rehabilitation hospital, because, wtih the shift differential, it’s just amazing money. Plus, they do a larger shift differential for weekends! It’s sooo sweet! It’s hard to ask my parents to pick up Isaac 3x/week from day care. It’s easier to ask them to work with me for 1 day.

On top of it all, I’m just getting really sick of my assistant. She’s just obnoxous. I’m in the middle of things, and I get exasperated sighs when I can’t answer her questions or make a small mistake. She makes HUGE ones and I just kind of let it roll, and she gets all hot and bothered. Ummm Hi. you are the assistant. I think I’m going to bring it up at supervision. I can’t work like this. When the other head teacher is in the room (who is also her SIL-kinda sorta…long story) she’s FINE. Otherwise, she refuses to talk to me. I swear…if anyone wants me to sell them this room, it’s right there for the taking! Dont’ get me wrong, I do love my job. I love my boss, ect. But this assistant is driving me insane!

So, on the knittng front, I finished my marsupial tote from Stitch n’ bitch! the directions say to put a snap on it, but I’m thinking of making an I-cord and putting a button on it. I figured that it would look sooooo awesome. My tote is purple and black, because the colors in the book were HIDEOUS. Hot pink and hot orange? can you scream “LOOK AT MY HAND KNIT BAG!!!” any louder? I’m really shocked at how fast it knitted up. Gotta love those large needles.

Now, I’m scoping for another project. I’m avoiding the socks. I’m not in love with the yarn. I’d rather be dong my camo socks for me, but I have to do them for this exchange. SOOO, I cast on the socks last night. *sigh* I wish, wish, wish, my sock buddy would love the self striping yarn like I do. I could so go for making a pair of opal socks. BUT, I’m workng on lorna’s laces mother lode. *sigh* I think next is going to be a beaded hat. Or, maybe I should get cranking on Maeve’s gloves and order yarn for Margot’s hogwarts scarf (POA style). I think I’ll do those as soon as the socks are done. The gloves will knit quick, and the scarf will take FOREVER. I’ll do quickies first and then go for the long one.

Yesterday, Kate came over with Ray. That was an absolute blast! Isaac and Ray are a good match. We went to Johnny Rocket’s and then went to Build a Bear for Kate and Ray’s first time there! Isaac got a new kitty, and Ray got a bunny in overalls and a cowboy hat. We wandered around Crossgates for a while and even got new hooded towels at pottery barn kids. Those are actually reasonable. We tried to have names put on them over at Mugs and More, but they were sooo outrageous! They wanted 17.00 to do it the same day! 12.00 if we could take regular delivery. Ummm. No. So, they have plain towels. Ray has a dinosaur one, Isaac has a puppy to add to his blue beetle towel. I almost got Isaac a turtle, b ut he chose. (He’s doing well with the pointing choices. Really well!) I think he knows that turtles are mommy’s favorite thing (and frogs) so, he wanted to rebel and do something different! That’s my kid!

Well, two more days to go! Daytona 500 is today, and I think we’re gonna do pizza. I’m going to visit gram today, and I have to find a place so I cna get her a suncatcher for her window. Shouldn’t be too bad. Wonder if Michael’s has one. hrm….

Thank goodness we’ll have a low kid count this week. Thank goodness!


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said to me upon my return home from drop in knitting… the one with the explosive poo

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