Anyone got a box?

February 26, 2006 at 7:30 am Leave a comment

It’s almost March, and it’s 7, yes 7 degrees. That’s the most insane number I’ve heard in years. I think that I want a box so that I can be shipped back to the NORMAL climate of Los Angeles. Good Lord, I hate Upstate NY.

I’ve pulled out of school, save for one class and a workshop that I need to get my teaching certificate reinstated. To tell the truth, it feels soo good. I’m only in class one night, and I just go there, do the work and go home. there’s not really a lot of thigns that need to get done for that class, and it’s pass/fail. How much easier can you get?

Work is work. My assistant is going on vacation this week. Maybe I’ll miss her, maybe I won’t.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am truly going to fire Isaac’s EI Sp. Ed teacher. What happened this week was the ultimate last straw. One of Isaac’s comfort things is to suck on his fingers. He doesn’t do it as much as he used to, and we’re just not the least bit concerned about it. Terry (His teacher) has decided that he shouldn’t suck his fingers anymore. Gee. He’s not even 2!!! She’s been pulling his fingers out of his mouth and has asked Audra to do so and to inform the other staff that they should do so as well. How did I find out about this? WELL, Audra told me after Demetra and Ashley informed her that first, I wasn’t concerned about it, and 2nd that I really should know what’s going on. Did Terry leave me a note? NOPE. Did she call me about it? NOPE! I’m not happy. I’m amazingly livid. I figured after the last fiasco with this woman, she’d learn that she had to talk to me first and then go to Audra, because I WILL hear it. Thank goodness we’ve got the IFSP meeting coming up. I was originally going to keep Terry just for some back up, to get Isaac services 3x/week. But, if this is the kind of service we get from her with lack of communication, getting my day care director irritated and making my son’s primary day care caregiver freak out with her demands and get all upset, this is not the kid of service we want. Patty, the speech therapist is staying,but I can’t, in good consience, keep Terry after all of this mess. I just can’t see her workingout with our family. it’s even worse, because I know all of the laws, ect. I’m just beyond upset at this. This whole situation even trumps the garbage at work.

Now…about that box…


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the one with the explosive poo Friday at 4:30 can’t come fast enough for me…

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