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Are there any more things that can SUCK today?

First off, let me say that I did have something good happen today. I HAD THE DAY OFF!!! CMS gives you the day off wtih pay for your bday. Mine is tomorrow. I got today. I’m just glad for a day off where I didn’t have to share that day with my almost 2 year old.

SOOO, first, I attempt to take care of this rent fiasco I’ve been involved in. Turns out we had the WRONG ZIP CODE. Ummmm…not my fault. Doug usually deals with the landlords, and he wrote it out. When I went to try and mail thsi stuff, I got “umm..that’s a pennsylvania zip code.” Greaaaatttt. Called the landlords. They seem to think that “if you call by 4…” means that 4:09 pm is ok. I had CLASS. Had to be out the door.

Second, I stopped at the Periwinkle sheep. Picked up the yarn for the class I’m taking tomorrow. my hank was sooo tangled, Karin had to wind it for me for tomorrow.

Next, the new windsheild I got? THE WEATHERSTRIPPING pulled out. Greaaatttttttttt. Had to get that fixed today. Thank goodness for lifetime warantees.

I had a mango margarita after all of this.

THEN, a good friend of mine tried to be helpful, but ended up sending me into fits of tears. Said thewrong thing at the wrong time. I still love her, but maaan, it was not the time. She was only trying to help me.

Now, my tooth that I’ve been attempting to get into the dentist for hurts.

why must I end up in tears over something and have the day from hell right around my bday?

Oh, and did I mention that my father invited the whole neighborhood over for cake tomorrow night, when mom promised me a night out with Doug and that she’d watch Isaac?

I think I’m going to go bury my head in my pillow and cry some more.


March 31, 2006 at 10:15 pm 2 comments

Someone please remind me…

never to get involved with certain things…

Right now, I’m up to my elbows in crafty things. 2 sets of invitations (one for Isaac, one for Margot)

a pair of socks that’s NOT cooperating

a circle journal that didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, so I had to scrap the first 4 pages and redo.

Decorations for my classroom (only thing that’s done. I had all 3 kiddles napping for 2 hours today, so I got them all made, including the new birthday wall decorations!!)

AND on top of it all, I have CPR class tomorrow night! ARGH!!!!

can I stop my world so I can get off?

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Seton was interesting again. I really can’t get into much here on why it was interesting, as there is a bunch of stuff surrounding what was soo interesting about it. let’s put it this way. I had to write a full out written report on what I saw/heard/experienced so that the director could address it with her staff. Not the kid of thing I like to have going, but otherwise, things would be a disaster if I didn’t.

So, things were rough thursday and friday. THEN, Isaac got constipated. I spent most of Friday consoling him and giving him motrin so it wouldn’t hurt so bad.

But, today, I got a surprise in the mail. It was the most unexpected thing. I popped open an early birthday card from Kathy and Shinlay of the circle journal board I’m involved in…and ther ewas a 10.00 gift certificate to! I nearly cried. It was the sweetest thing I could have recieved in light of how hard my week has been.

thank you, Shinny and Kaffy! You two made my day!

March 25, 2006 at 12:01 pm 1 comment

Seton Reflux

Well, well, well. here we go again. I’m on my way to Seton Family Resource center tomorrow for the most garbage reasons. But that’s not the point. The point is that Isaac is going with me tomorrow. I’m not sure if I really want him in the center…frankly, I really don’t wan to be there myself tomorrow, but since Little Flower is closed because of no heat and no power, it was either stay in the empty center and clean with no heat and no power, or go to Seton. either way, Isaac would have had to go to Seton. SOOO, I’m on my way there with him. this is going to be entertaining. Personally, I’d rather be elsewhere. Frankly, I’d rather be in bed. But, that’s just me.

Can an experience be acid reflux-y?

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Ummm..Ok, so I’m not ready to sell my infant classroom after all…

So, here’s why.

I got shuttled to Seton Family Resource Center today as a favor. We’re sister sites, so, when we’re reallly short, tehy send to us, and when they’re realllly short, we send to them. I was on the list to go today. I got there (after what will be a whole other post entirely) and was placed up in Pre school 2. WOW! Those kids are amazing. Tehy were sooo rough that I missed my screaming mimi and my “special” child.

I even missed my assistant.


It felt good to walk b ack into little flower after being in Seton all day. It felt like a wonderful, sweet homecoming where you fall into your bed and put on your pj’s. I even hugged Screaming Mimi and Little Bits…

Special was asleep…but I think I would have hugged her too.

I even got a smile out of Homey-demon spawn, who is becoming less and less demon-spawn-y every day.

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I am so sick of these socks.

yes, you heard that right.

I’m on frog #2,500,495. The anklet pattern I found? BAD NUMBERS. Not happy at all. Trust me. Nearly cried when Kathy told me that. SOO, I’m back to square one. I’m using this god awful yankee knitter pattern and chopping off part of the leg so I can get the anklets that I want.

worst part about this all? I can’t find a place to tell this woman who put up this pattern that she’s full of crap. She’s lucky she doesn’t have an email addy listed. I’d send her a virtual DPN through the eyeball for this one.

March 18, 2006 at 12:13 pm 2 comments

ka-knitting ka-drama

As if the first broken DPN wans’ tbad enough, I pulled my newly cast on ankle socks out of my bag, and voila! ANOTHER broken DPN. Save me. SOOO, I frog these (if you can call pulling outa cast on row as a frog…) and need to go and purchase more dpn’s. repeat after me: I will not put them in my marsupial tote. I will not put them in my marsupial tote.

THEN, my one hank of camo yarn is kaput. Tangled to all heck, broken by 2 stupid cats (who I know which one did the breaking of the ball that prolly could have been salvaged) and just generally not in a good space. Put it this way. I was so upset by all of this, Doug offered me a new hank of camo yarn when he gets paid. I’m scared towind this other hank of camo and I’m equally afraid to wind the other one of Montherlode.

I think I’m just going to stop, get my needles and keep the knitting at home!

*sigh* why me?

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