the ka-knitting Ka-update

March 12, 2006 at 5:51 pm Leave a comment

well, here’s the thing. I’m not loving this sock pattern, or this yarn for that matter, but since I know my sock pal will like the yarn, I’m sucking up and dealing with that one. the sock pattern on the other hand, is just driving me bats. After the broken DPN, the dropped stitches because of said broken DPN, and other assorted things, I got sick of what I was doingand said “FROG IT!!” SOO, a frogging I went. Now, I have a nice little ball of Mother Lode Lorna’s laces sitting right next to my ball of chamelion Opal. AND, a new pattern to use with both. Allison, the one who initiatied this whole Socka-paloooza thing has this awesome pattern for ankle or footie socks. I think, since, it’s springtime, I’m going to make my buddy ankle socks out of the Lorna’s laces. Why? A) the pattern is beyond cute. B) who doesn’t like ankle socks in the spring/summer? C) my add self can get through these without killing myself, my needles or something else. I’ll try that other pattern at another time when my brain is clear and I don’t have a deadline. Maybe those ladybug socks will eventually get made. I’m thinking after I’m done with the mother lode socks, I’ll do the camo ones. Who knows…my buddy may even get 2 pairs, because they’re ankle socks! teeeehhheeee…

Other knitting things…

Maeve wants leg warmers. I have to find a light weight yarn. I was initially thinking fingering weight, but gee..those would take me until CHRISTMAS to do, and these are for AUGUST. I’ll find something…any suggestions?

and Kate wants a set of I-give-up mittens and a bag like I made. Hrm…this list is getting massively longer…

but ka-knitting is Ka-fun and great procrasitnation. hehehe.


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and we all thought Booger was the dumber of the two Hi. My name is Laura, and I’m paranoid.

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