Hi. My name is Laura, and I’m paranoid.

March 13, 2006 at 10:32 pm Leave a comment

Today, Isaac hit his head. Ok, not what the post is about, but it gets you to the main point of my tale. I had to take some time off of work to take Isaac to the doc’s. While we were there, I decided to ask about a new nebulizer. Ours (mine and Isaac’s) broke over the weekend during an especially icky bout of croupy wheezy-ness. Here’s where the paranoia kicks in.

The place that is used fort he nebulizers is Lincare. (Ryan (my Meeeesty’s other half) works for Lincare out in Rock Springs! that will be important later…)They deliver to the house. So, I find out (at 5 pm) that they’ll be there within the hour. Nothing like notice! they show up at approx 5:20. Guy who knocks on my door is your typical uniformed employee. Ok. Fine. come on in with the nebulizer. then, there was a 2nd guy who came in with him, or at least attempted to. I stopped him and said “ID please?” why? Guy had on NO UNIFORM. was in Jeans, a polo shirt and a time warner cable jacket. yeah. right. I’m letting you into my house…NOT!!! So, uniform guy starts talking fast and telling me that this is his TRAINEE and it’s his first day. Ummm…temporary name tag anyone? After verifying thiswith Lincare, I let them in.

I was not about to let them in the house (uniform guy, ok…time warner cable jacket guy…not ok) without some serious confirmation abotu who they were. Especially with no company issued ID on the one.

then, I made a phone call to Misty. Had to ask about the whole uniform thing. I would have called Ryan, but he’s in Florida. turns out that employees of Lincare order their uniforms and name tag their first day. *sigh* Figures.

Maybe I will have Ryan check these guys out after all. He IS an area manager after all.


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