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Ooh…sock fest….

So, I promised pictures of the sockapaloooza socks. Not happening this week. Digital camera batteries bit the dust!!! SOOOO, I took a picture of them with my cute little disposable camera and have to wait to get that sucker finished and THEN it will be developed.

In the mean time, I’ve been on a sock kick. I have truly decided that the Lorna’s Laces Mother Lode is cursed. Yes, that stuff is CURSED. I tried to make Doug’s cousin’s baby, Ava a pair of little socks out of that…and the HEEEL WOULD NOT TURN!!!!! *sigh* Then, on top of it, stitches kept dissapearing and reappearing and yarn kept getting tangled. See? Cursed. What is NOT cursed is my Opal Parrot yarn. I have the cutsiest ankle socks in that yarn now…I did a sock marathon, and finshed these suckers in 2 days. They’re squishy and snuggly and smell all lavendar-y. Ibought this awesome wool wash from ‘da sheep (the Periwinkle Sheep to the uninitiatied) and washed them (and the sockapaloooza socks) in it…and left them to block. Sockapalooozas? Still drying. Mine? SPIN CYCLE so I could wear them today!!!

Now, I have moved on to other socks, since the curse of hte Lorna’s laces is still tooo fresh to deal with!

for those of you who want to know…Isaac’s party at Jeepers was a smashing success. Pictures will be uploaded to Photobucket soon for everyone’s peeking pleasure…Lots of neato gifts…lots of pizza, cake and the like…Good stuff, Maynard!!


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I promise pictures tomorrow. they are just the cutest things!!!

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Overheard on the phone with Kate…

Me:”Well…I call him Demon Spawn. Floppy is a step up!”
Kate: “I guess…”
Me: you know, I have to blog this…
Kate: you know, it is funnier when you put it that way…

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Hey JoJo what do you say…

we all want to know what you learned today…So, step right up and tell us what you learned today!!!

I learned that when making cupcakes…

first- never listen when your husband says “Oh, make the triple batch!”
second- that a triple batch requires 9 eggs (yes, 9), 1 cup of oil and 4 cups of water.
Third- I so need cooling racks
fourth- 3 boxes of cake mix equals about 4 dozen cupcakes.
last- you know you have a 2 year old when you tend to think of these things in terms of Jojo’s circus, and when that dang roar goes off on your child’s ride on Goliath…you hear the theme song to Jojo’s Circus run through your head.

That’s what I learned today.

April 19, 2006 at 9:27 pm 3 comments

Happy Birthday to my Bug

Today, I am the mommy of a 2 year old. That statement scares me and makes me sooo glad at the same time.

2 years ago today, I waddled into Riverside Community Hospital for my induction at 8 am. 10:45 pm PDT, Isaac Aidan came into my life, with the whole left side of my body being numb, and in the only way he could…peeing. What I could not imagine at that point, in my spinal-epidural induced haze was the amazing time I’d have ahead.

NICU battles aside, it has been quite the 2 year ride. So, the only way I can describe this is in a letter…

Dear Isaac,

When you came into my life, I was just the happiest I’ve ever been. I didn’t know one little person could make all of that difference in my life. From the word “GO!” you’ve always been your own person. Take your NICU experience at CHOC for example. Night one…you KNEW those suctioning tubes weren’t supposed to be there. Neither were those IV’s. You ripped them out twice in one night, causing the nurses to groan and whine and complain that they had to bug you to put them back in. The one told me on the phone “You’ve got a fighter on your hands here.” Somehow, I knew that already. Come on, the docs had to go in and GET you.
Even then, everyone told us how absolutely adorable you were. You still are in your lovably obnoxious 2 year old way. You always had a way of making us all laugh. Your first attempt at movement, the “inchworm” crawl that you did across the old IKEA couch. You knew how to get places and get what ever you wanted. Your biggest challenge has always been the cats. Jasmine in particular. Her very fluffy tail has always made you go bananas. Booger is not so much of a challege. Yet, you still love chasing her anyway!
Right now, I can’t imagine a day that goes by without you smiling, laughing and doing something to make me proud. I love the happy bounce you give us in the morning when we come to get you up. Ok…maybe it’s not so much of a bounce any more, but more of a jump on a trampoline with some height, but the laughter and the grins that accompany it are priceless.
You have made the most amazing progress. In a few months, you went from one small word (Kitty. Figures-you never were a conformist) to a vocabulary of about 12 words, your favorite being “bye bye”, especially when you don’t want something. You even laugh when something silly happens. I have to gasp as I look back on the IV-d pincushion looking newborn that was in the crib at CHOC and whenyou first came home, and now look at you…I nearly cry. Misty hit it right on the head when I was on the phone with her the other day…WOW. She was looking at the picture of you in your Yankees hat. Yeah…the one that Nana sent you from Yankee Stadium, and bought it in “infant” size…yeah..that really fit. You were all hat and pajamas. Now…it actually fits your head! Holy cow!
I love you tons…you are my bug, my snuggle puppy, my snot-butt, and monkey all rolled into one. I wouldn’t tradeyou for anything. All of the sleepless nights, hospital visits, doctors appointments, Gymboree classes, giggles, smiles and even those crabby times. I cherish every word, even NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! that flies out of your mouth. I love the way you think “please” will get you anything you want…and “Mine!” will too! I love hearing your “thank youuu” and when you chant “byebye” when you’re just through with something.

Happy Birthday, Bug. I love you


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Yet again, another Doug-ism.

Doug: So, what’s wrong with Beth?

Me: She’s got the Manischevit-shits.

Doug: Oh. She’s got the Liquid L’chiams?

Me AND Beth: Hysterical laughter.

April 17, 2006 at 6:08 pm 2 comments

Holy cow…

I just finished my first sock! toe seam and all! I am now halfway through the 2nd sock I think this is a project that will be finished on time, unline a few others (sorry Kaffy! I really am!!)

But get this. In the “Now, I’ve seen it all” department,

Isaac got a letter from a lawyer today. They were concerned that the bump on his head that he got OVER A MONTH AGO was caused by someone else (read: accident) and they watned to see if they could recover all of the premiums they paid out to the doc from the insurance. Holy idiots, batman! the kid is 2. he fell, hit his head on a table and got a HUGE (read: looked like a unicorn horn) knot on his head! Why did the insurance even THINK that it was an accident that someone else caused? And WHY did we have to get a letter from a lawyer. My good lord.

buuuuutttt! My sockpal almost has 2 socks! Yes, 2 ankle socks!!! They are the cutest little rainbow variugated thngs…


April 17, 2006 at 5:49 pm 2 comments

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