TV, late papers, and more knitting than meets the eye…

April 7, 2006 at 10:14 pm Leave a comment

I’m tired. Yes, that’s normal for me right now. I’m working and going to one (yes, one) class. I got yelled at today at work for something that I THOUGHT was ok…but wasn’t. Oh, well. so goes life.

SOOO, Since Doug’s at work, I’m watching all of the TV he hates…like “whose wedding is it anyway?” I’ve never seen a dad ‘bridezilla” before, but this is a first. I’m just kind of laughing it off.

I didn’t get my paper done for Sarah’s class. I’ll do that tomorrow night when I have more energy and the willpower to pull out the internet cable from my laptop. She said I could email it to her. good deal!

NOW, I’m printng invitations. I’ll be putting them together tomorrow night after I’m done with the paper so they can go out on Monday Morning. Ummmm…addies anyone so I can do the envelopes???

and onto the knitting update.

Shawl: Check. remind me to count yarn overs
Margot’s present: Not even started. Yarn ordered? Not yet…thinking I’m going to just do the whole sock thing.
Baby hat: Check. Just needs PAINT.
Sockapaloooza socks? FIRST HEEL TURNED!!!! WHOOOPPPIIIEEEE! Second sock cast on so I can do tandem socks.
my socks: Not even cast on. Great. I want a new pair!

Isaac’s bday is in 2 weeks…the 19th! Oh, my lord. I can’t believe I will have a 2 year old…


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Holy crapola, it’s a heel! Kitchner stitch, here I come!

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