It’s just not worth the effort any more

May 20, 2006 at 8:24 am 1 comment

Yes, I just said that. I’m exhausted emotionally from everything. Last night, Doug came and dropped the bombshell that his father now wants to WALK THROUGH any house we pick. Great. Fine. BUT, he needs to get his rear in gear and get here, or we’re going to LOSE anything that we want. Plus, he’s throwing a snit fit because we hated his favorite house. IT WAS NASTY! There were SUMP PUMP PROBLEMS!!!! I’m so ready to say “screw it” and call for rentals again. I can’t take this anymore.

Then, Doug also tells me that he’s finally come to the conclusion that his parents don’t like me. DUH. Super DUH.

I’m tired of playing these games…the “oh, you n ever call us, you’re a bad mom, we only do things for Doug and Isaac,because you’re not worth it.” games. It’s not worth my effort any more to be nice to them. It’s not worth my effort to even do things that are nice for them.

I spent hours and hours of my time that I could have been doing other things with making a scrapbook for his mother. Thank you? this is really nice, Laura? NOT A CHANCE.

And I’m supposed to sit here and smooch THEIR rears? Forget it.

At work, it’s not worth the effort to say anything about anything. The bosses m ake a huge deal about delinating between me being a parent and me being a staff. Ok, fine. BUT, don’t ask me to cover someone’s bathroom break when I come in to pick up my child. At that point, I’m a PARENT. Yes, I covered the break. But, you better believe on Monday that something WILL be said. I want them to pick one. Don’t change the rules on me mid stream, and then yell at me when you switch them back without me knowing. I’m so through. If the insurance wasn’t great and Isaac wasn’t in what I consider one of the best classrooms in the place, I’d be GONE.

Damnit. I even missed PT again. Great. Lovely.


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And I’m behind AGAIN! Some days

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  • 1. mischief0617  |  May 23, 2006 at 9:03 am

    HUGS to you Laura!! I haven’t talked to you in forever and you have been going through far too much crap. Screw FIL, buy your own house and don’t worry about what he wants. He’s not buying it, it is none of his beeswax.

    Please, please, please, forget about the legwarmers for me. You have too much going on and I’m not even sure I’ll be able to have the party right now 😦

    Promise you will still come for a visit, though?


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