What would my anniversary be without a little drama?

May 26, 2006 at 11:03 pm 1 comment

I won’t even get into work. I’m beginning to wonder why I even took the job in the first place, but that’s another ballgame. I want a LONG vacation. When my CLT kicks in, I’m takinga ton of time off. I need a damn vacation.

But that’s not the point. the point is that because of some circumstances, I got some very, very upsetting news.

We lost the house on Inman that I was in love with, because Doug’s father sat with his thumb up his colostomy and didn’t listen to us when we said THIS IS GOING TO GO FAST. HELP US. MAKE AN OFFER. Now, we’re down to the house I wasn’t crazy about…the one in Niskyuna, that is in Schenectady county, out in east freakin boondock, where I’ll have to change all of Isaac’s therapists, because they don’t cross county lines.

Why am I not so keen on this house…easy. First, it’s not so far off this HUGELY busy street. The way Isaac is, I’m totally frightened that he’ll dive into traffic. yeah, I can teach him that it’s TRAFFIC, but this kid is as stubborn as I am when it comes to listening to some people. I just DON’T. Nor do I care to. Second, I wasn’t crazy about the fact that they left the one closet unfinished. theyt were turning it into a 2nd bathroom. They left it totally raw…undone. Great. that’s major construction. Lovely.

Last, I hate it. I’m not too thrilled about the school district. I think I may still need to do private school. great. Lovely. Fine.

AND I get no love from the otherh alf. I call him SOBBING about this, and he started screaming at me that he wasn’t going to rent. FINE. Whatever. I don’t care. Just get your father’s thumb out of his colostomy and get him moving. If we don’t hve a lock soon, I’m looking for rentals. I can’t handle this. Plus, he can’t even be nice to me on our anniversary. I don’t need this.

I got pay per view tonight. I got Rent. Bad idea. I spent half of the movie sobbing. I knew I should have gotten something less heavy. I swear….King Kong was looking reallllllllyyyyy good. Do I listen to my gut? Nope. I go and grab Rent. 1/2 way through, sobbing. Good film…not for a “grumpy” night. It’s good for wallowing in pity.

I think I’m going to go watch a rerun of House. It’s the Carmen Electra episode. Always fun.


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  • 1. knittingsheeple  |  May 30, 2006 at 3:54 am

    House hunting sucks. It completely sucks. When we moved out here, we had to find a house we loved in a WEEK, in early September in Phoenix (read: 110 degree days), with a 1 year old in tow. Acres of fun.

    Are you working with a realtor? Have you found out the cost for home inspectors? Because if you’re having all these problems with your FIL, maybe it’s time to figure out what a home inspector will cost and just arrange to hire one when you find a house you like.

    Sorry if all of this is just stating the obvious. And, I’m sorry DH isn’t listening to you – I’m sure that’s incredibly frustrating.


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