Puddlegate 2006

June 30, 2006 at 10:40 pm 1 comment

Yes, I’m in Holyoke. I borrowed Kate’s computer. I left mine at home for good reasons. Trust me, they’re good. BUT, I had to take posession and blog this.

This afternoon, as I was dropping off the paint for Isaac’s room at the new house, one of the neighbors was walking with her grandson, and stopped over to say hi. I took Isaac out of the car to let him run around, beacuse he needed to stretch those Loooooooonnnnggg legs of his after being cooped up in the car on and off today. We were chatting, and Isaac discovered the puddle on our neighbor’s lawn from all of the rain we’ve had. He, being in sandals, decided to explore said puddle. Well, he walks in, I call him and he gets out and comes over. I brush him off, and send him in the other direction.

Not the end….

Well, my weirdo child decides he wants back in the mud puddle. he walks into the MIDDLE of the puddle, and sits down. He then begins to splash around and around and around. At this point, his shorts are soaked and his shirt wasn’t far off. His diaper did the classic “ewwwwww” expansion thing. Gross. His sandals are disgusting, and we have NO soap or anthing at the new house. Soo, I dig into the bag of clothes I’ve brought for holyoke. I pull out a t-shirt and his jammie bottoms. He just looked…odd.

I toss said weirdo puddle splashing child into the car and we drive to Lee and go and purchase some clothes (it was in the plan…) and got me some new adidas slides. I think I got the looks for being hte parent with the worst matched child in the universe.

that’s what you get when your child spends about 20 minutes in the middle of a puddle.


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  • 1. knittingsheeple  |  July 1, 2006 at 10:48 pm

    Thing 2 did the same thing in the mud in front of Hojos on Friday. He was muddy up to his knees. Thankfully I had plenty of changes of clothes, so I mooched soap from Mokey (had towels for swimming) and showered him off (the easiest way to do that was to get in with him, and that’s a COZY shower in HoJos!) and put him directly into pajamas for the ride home.


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