Adventures in Coffee

July 22, 2006 at 9:19 pm Leave a comment

Tomorrow is dad’s bday. Sooo, with him being the coffee addict that he is, I decided that his gift will be Starbucks Coffee. mmmmmmm…..starbucks…..

The only starbucks stores I knew of are in ALBANY. Living in Niskayuna, that’s a problem. I’m NOT driving a half hour to get to one of the stores. Nope. Not happening. Hence, I decided to get on my trusty rusty computer and go from there.

Lo and behold! A store in NISKAYUNA!!! Not too far from my house…. This is bad. Very bad…and good all at the same time. I map the store on the starbucks website. Here are the directions…keeping in mind the acutal address of the store is 2321-3 Nott Street East.

1. Depart start at Laura’s house (addy withheld to protect the east boondock innocent)
2. Turn left onto Mayfair Road, then immediately bear left onto Rosendale road.
3. Turn left onto Ruffner road
4.Turn left on to Whammer Ln. (Who names a street WHAMMER????)then immediately turn Right onto Rowe road. (Debbie Rowe anyone? IF you get that reference, you deserve to be in the World Series of Pop Culture!!)
5. Turn left onto Angelina Dr, then immediately turn Right onto St. Anne Dr.
6. Turn left to stay on St. Anne Dr.
7. Turn left onto Windsor Dr.
8. Name changes to Nott St. East.
9. Turn Right onto Comanche Trail and then immediately turn LEft onto Mohawk Trail.

Notice something drastically wrong with those directions being that the Starbucks is on NOTT STREET EAST????
Yeah. Me too.
I figured that since the Starbucks was obviously in a shopping plaza, these cutie pie directions were taking me in the back route. Ok. Fine. Nope. not soo fine. (Insert the sound of a buzzer here.)

I turn onto Comanche and then Mohawk…and end up in the middle of this subdivision that I had been driving through to GET to Nott St. East. Yeah…cute. I don’t end up anywhere near the Starbucks, But I end up near a GE plant! Just where I really want to be! So, the brain surgeon in me and the California driving instinct kicked in, and I followed the roads and made a series of random turns until I came back to Nott St. East. I followed that, and found the Mecca of Coffee.

I go into Said Mecca. Breathe deeply and call my mother to see what kind of coffee my dad would enjoy. She keeps coming at me with “Oh, just whatever.” No, that’s not the answer I want, Mother dear. So, I say a few choice words in Spanish and roll my eyes. The barista notices and says “Is there someone you need to smack? That’s what riding crops are meant for!”
Me: “I like cattle prods”
Barista ” Naah. those leave marks. I like digitalis. The stuff in white oleanders”
Me: “yep. Know that stuff. Best friend is an ag major in undergrad.”

So, I go on to purchase said coffee and said mug for darling Daddy and barista goes and gets his partner pound of Komodo blend. He says “I’m not going to use this. Might as well give it to someone who will.” and has the chickie ring it up and puts it in my bag!!!

SOOO, then, I got a free Michael Jackson Frappucino out of the deal. For those out of the loop, that’s a half mocha, half white mocha. Get it? Michael Jackson??? One of the baristas in Riverside came up with that one…

I walked out a happy camper…
then proceeded to get turned around again coming home.

All this for the love of a beverage with tons of caffine. Yummmy.


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