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But he doesn’t LOOK Latin!!

I decided to “culturally enrich” Isaac today by taking him to Latin Fest in Washington Park. We did a lot of wandering around, listening to the bands…especially the salsa one that was playing…and I came VERY close to entering the Salsa contest. Why didn’t I? No partner, and my family (my mom and dad) have absolutely no rythym.

So, we were all kind of hungry, and we were wandering around the vendors, and there was a line up of these great Latin foods! I was in absolute heaven…and my mom, being the semi clueless one said “You’re going to have to tell me what’s good.” Ummm. Ok.

I steered them to this Peruvian booth. Not a bad line (there were lines that extended 4-5 booths long…) and the food smelled out of this world. So, Mom gets an order of fried plantains, and I get an empanada and an order of fried plantains (My demand upon going to Latin fest…plantains and empanadas) So, I’m encouraging my family to try the stuff, and Isaac didn’t need much encouragement…as he was slamming back the plantains and parts of my empanada. So, My parents finally kowtowed to my “you gotta try this” and took bites…and declared it wonderful (It was!!).

Being very light and big blue eyes, Isaac stood out like a sore thumb among all of the dark Latins there. Although he may not look Latin…he fits in well. he loves the music, the food, everything. Come on, this kid fights me for things like my empanada and my plantains.

If that’s not a Latin, I don’t know what is.


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Why I own 2 cats.

Last night, as I was sitting, getting all set to update here on some other hilarities, I heard “squeek, squeek, bang, bang, crash!” I look over and see Booger pouncing on something, and it moving. I shot over, turned on the light, and lo and behold it was a MOUSE!!! (insert east boondock ranting here. I will spare everyone, since you all know what I think of these things.) So, I fly downstairs, and can hear Booger pouncing and that stupid mouse squeeking!

I did what I do in times of stress…I cast on a pair of socks.

Booger reappeared 2 hours later…no more mouse.

I think she earned her keep.

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Thank god for washables…

Today, I went upstairs to get something (I think it was my cell phone…) and things got scary quiet downstairs. I called for Isaac several times, and he didn’t come, so I quick hung up the cell phone (that I was checking messages on) and then went downstairs. He met me at the foot of the stairs, covered in BLACK CRAYOLA WASHABLE MARKER!

His line? “HI!”

To truly appreciate this…you must realize…my child was covered in marker on every inch of bare skin. SOOO, arms, face, toes….you get the picture

Into the tubby he went.

Betcha didn’t k now that crayola washable markers wash off with JUST WATER! We had black water, ladies and gentlemen!

But now, I have a clean Isaac.

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It’s a…

Mess of yarn again.

My arm warmers are now back to “ball” status. Last night, as I was telling Maeve waht to rename her drink (Dangit, Maeve…please rename it something CREATIVE.) I was winding the end of my falling apart skein. I got to a HUGE tangle,a nd the only way to solve this tangle was to *gulp* FROG MY CABLE ARMWARMERS!!! Blah.

So, we’re back to square 1 again. I thnk I may cast on some socks and take a break from those dang armwarmers. Blah.

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What to do, what to do

Yesterday, Isaac had surgery. Joy of joys. He is the most resilliant kid I’ve EVER met. Last night, after a 2.5 hour surgery (they fixed a hernia, pulled down one testicle and started a 2 part operation on the second one…) and coming out of all of that anestesia, the kid wanted to go out. He wanted out so bad he could taste it! SOOO, I took him out with me. Can you believe it? 6 hours out of surgery, and the kid wants out of the house.

We went to coldstone creamery and once the clerk heard what happened (He was wearing his hospital bracelet), he gave him FREE ice cream! Isaac ate the WHOLE thing!

and if you want to know…it was strawberry ice cream with banana mixed in.

And what did Mommy and Daddy do while Isaac had surgery? Daddy just kinda hung and people watched, and Mommy, who is as fidgety as Isaac (guess where he gets that?) came up with a new pattern for knitted arm warmers. I hated the ones in Stitch n Bitch nation, so I used their cast on number (it’s a good size!!!) and just kinda revamped the pattern….I haven’t gotten to the thumb section yet, so here’s the pattern…insert your own thumb stuff (I’ll post that later when I figure it out..)

CO 32. Divide onto 3 dpn’s-11 on needle 1 and 3, 10 on needle 2. (I’m using size 8’s and Noro Silk Garden yarn…2 skeins. One for each hand)

Start with 2×2 ribbing for 1.5 inches
Here’s the pattern….
Row 1-knit needle 1, needle 2- p2, slip 3 to cable needle, hold in front, k3, k3 from Cable needle, p2
Row 2-4 all knit

Repeat 9 times, ending on row 4.

See? I need to do the thumb thing, and then , lo and behold, I’ve designed a pattern!

all while I sat int he wating room at Albany Med…

Oh, and I have pics of Isaac’s surgery…the doc gave them to me. Doug says I’m odd…but I think it’s wicked cool!

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The luck of Eeyore

I swear, this evil Karma still has NOT gone away! First, the orange hair incident (for those of you who don’t know, I had my hair dyed by my normal hairdresser and it went ORANGE instead of the nice, auburn red I wanted..), then the weekend at Kate’s that was stress filled and only making 20.00 at the tag sale (we had Isaac meltdown..) and now, more bus fiasco. Amey wasn’t kidding when she said I had the luck of Eeyore lately.

So, let’s detail the latest bus drama and debacle.

Yesterday morning, we got Isaac ready for the bus and got everything in gear. We were waiting in the living room for the bus to come and pick him up. At about 8:00, the bus drives by at top speed from the left side. They ususally come in from the right. They never stopped, never even blinked. We ran outside, thinking they were going to stop, and whammo, nothing. So, I wait a few minutes, giving the driver and aide the benefit of the doubt, and they never came back. I called the bus company, and the driver had LIED to the dispacher and said that they were waiting 5 minutes for us, and we never came out, despite calling my work (ummm…haven’t been there for a week…) and beeping (NEVER HAPPENED!). I said “Oh, really? That is the best lie I’ve heard this morning. I’ll be calling the school and the county.”

So, I call ECEC. Director tells me to call County. I call county, and find out that the person I need to speak to is ON VACATION. So, I get coordinator Jill on the phone and ask her who I need to talk to because this is disgusting. This conversation was wonderful, because she offered to pay for mileage for us to drive him! WOOHOO! But, she put me through to her supervisor, the EIDO, Lynne. THe EIDO is the be all and end all of EI, except for the commisioner. They are the “buck stops here” person.

So, I tell Lynne the whole story. She’s appaled, and comes to the conclusion that she has to fine the bus company, since this was not the first incident. She ends the call, and goes on from there. I get a call back from Marsha at ECEC and get this whole story about how they waited and waited and waited for Isaac to come out and they called Teresian house (same line from the dispacher) and they didn’t know the number, ect…


So, I tell Marsha that Lynne has the ball in her court about this. I’m calling the county on anything that happens from here on out with this bus.I also inform ECEC Marsha that County Marsha is on vacation, and I had to go through Jill to get to Lynne. ECEC marsha’s line ‘Oh, god.” I found that quite hilarious.

So, let’s fast forward to the end of the day. Doug and I are waiting for Isaac to come home on the bus. WE see the bus pull up, and Doug gets his flip flops on to go and get him, and as he’s going out the door, the bus does a California stop (tap tap and move on) and starts going up the street! We both run out (I’m in bare feet) and run after the bus screaming. He turns around in a neighbor’s driveway halfway up the block and comes back. I run in and take the only order I’ve ever taken in my life “GO CALL THE COUNTY NOW.” I told Doug ot play nice and then just bring Isaac in.

I go upstairs and call Lynne. I am in tears at this point and am freaking out. I get Lynne and I tell her everything. I can her her jaw DROP when she hears what happens. She tells me to sit tight and she will call me back because she’s calling the bus company.

30 minues later, Lynne calls back and informs me of the results of her conversation. She tells me that Isaac will have a new driver. Ok. fine. 20 minutes after that, the bus company calls. I make Doug pick up the phone. He tells the driver what happened, and then she tells him that we’re going to have to transport ourselves because she doesn’t have any extra drivers. Ok. fine.

So, this morning I run into ECEC Marsha, and she starts in on me bascially telling me that I jumped the gun and just needed to relax. Umm, yeah. you didn’t see it. We know what we saw…and as Lynne said “why would a parent make this up?”

*sigh* we’re going to attempt bus again in September…but I may be relegated to driving him if this doesn’t work out…

see? Luck of eeyore.

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I’ve been TAGGED

Today, I’m in Holyoke for the TAG sale, and oh, boy was it interesting. First, we had coors light lady…who around 10 am wandered over, drinking a can of the afformentioned beverage out of a straw. Yes, a STRAW. Next, we had power box guy, who came in looking for wiring,a nd when Anna presented him with an electrical box, he refused it because it wasn’t a specific brand!!! last, we had mr. resale poacher guy. He sat here for 20 minutes asking for broken gold, or anything our parents may have left us. Yeah, right. He turned down some reallllly good stuff, and we told him…NO BROKEN GOLD. Dude bought .75 worth of stuff and left. weirdo.

But, oh, well.

On the upside, I got part of the “hurry up spring” armwarmers done, but I hated them…so I frogged them. Now, I’ve cast on the cable footies from One Skein.

And for those who are sick of hearing about my knitting exploits…. Let me tell y’all about why I think my dogma got ran over by some sort of evil Karma. It’s been the customer service weekend from hades. It all started on Friday evening. Kate and I took the boys out for dinner. We went to Friendly’s. First, we drop of Kate’s perscription (she has an eye injury!!) off at Walgreen’s at approximately 5:30 pm. She was promised a return time of 6:00 pm. Remember that. It will come back.

So, we get to Friendly’s. We order loaded waffle fries, meals for the boys and I order a chicken quesidilla with NO SALSA OR TOMATOES. Waffle fries show up. ummm…they came with no green onions. I wanted my dang green onions!!!! So, we sucked up and dealt, and then the meal came. My quesidillas were covered in (guess what?) Salsa and tomatoes. There were SOOO many tomatoes that they were mixed in with the rice. great. Lovely. GROSSSSSSS!!! So, I flag down the waitress and send it back. It comes back waaaay too fast…and I notice that the tomatoes have been scraped off and the salsa has been scraped off. I bite into one peice that wasn’t salsa covered and then bite into my rice…DAMN! I get a TOMATO!!! DISGUSTING! I didn’t want to believe that it was a tomato….so, I ask “blind Kate” what it was. She was so blind, she couldn’t tell me if it was a tomato or a carrot or something else, like a pepper…her line? “carrot, tomato, pepper, I don’t know what it is..I’m too blind!” Sooo, I flag waitress down again and send it back. I tell her to “forget it.” because by this point, I wasn’t hungry. So, manager comes over and then offers me a sundae (after me rejecting making something else, ect.) and I accept. I order a fortune cookie sundae. ummm…I get a “we’re out of the fixings for that.” after I get the Ok, and they’ve started making it. ARGH. So, I pick another and that goes smoothly. We get in the car and we go back to walgreen’s. Kate runs in to get her scrip, and she comes out after a few minutes and has steam coming out of her ears. She was told that her stuff wasn’t ready (it was 6:30 pm…and remember? promised at 6!) and it would be ready oh, around 7. She storms out with “I’ll be back.”

BUT, Isaac was a pill. That made things sooo much better.

This morning? NO CREAM CHEESE at a bagel shop. WTF?

See? Someone’s nasty Karma ran me over. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.

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