That was a wasted copay

August 8, 2006 at 2:51 pm Leave a comment

But, I can’t blame the surgen for demanding that we see this particular specialist.

Isaac has a heart murmur. Not a big deal. Not at all. This kid has more energy than anything. He’s not blue, ect. Sooo, since the surgeon was freaking out, I consented to him going to the cardiologist. When I called the cardio, they rudely (oh, man is this office a peice of you’ll see.) informed me that he was not to have anything scented on or any lotion and that he would need an x-ray and EKG. EKG, ok. fine. X-ray? I dare anyone to put Isaac in an x-ray machine and make him stay still. SOOO, I told the receptionist at the time that I didn’t want the x-ray, and she thought it was because of the radiation. Nope. I just didn’t want to lay on my child during another set of medical tests. So, they noted it, and I told them that if th ere was anything abnormal that warranted an x-ray, I’d gladly put him through it. So, we leave it at that.

We get there today, with Beth in tow because the other half had to work early and if we were doing x-rays, I was NOT going alone, I get there, wait the half hour for Isaac to be seen, and we get to the EKG bit. No biggie. Very, very, very sweet nurse. She pays attention to what I KNOW he wont’ do and what I KNOW he will do. (Won’t: lay down. Will: rip off the leads if she doesn’t go fast enough.)She also asks if I’m up for the x-ray. I tell her the tale of the CT scan and me laying on him at Albany Med. She tells me that they have a restraint device that should work. I told her that I’d give it a try, but if he gets in the LEAST bit upset, angry or I have to lay on him, it’s over. Very sweet nurse says “ok. not a problem.Let’s see waht we can do.” I’m satisfied with that answer. She pages the person to do the x-rays. she comes, looking very irritated by everything, and sweet nurse tells rude tech that we have a “difficult” one to x-ray. I proceed to begin to tell her what the deal is, and she says “well, here’s the deal. I’ve never had anyone break out of the restraint.” My thought: she’s never met Isaac. So, she takes me in and starts giving me the lowdown. I’m not too thrilled with this all, and she says :” he’ll be secure. He’ll cry, but I guess you’re used to that.”

Yes, you read that right. I about hit the floor.

She was as obnoxious as the day is long through the x-ray sessions…and guess who broke out of the restraint? That would be my little stuntman. He screamed bloody murder and then when I asked rude tech to stop she kept going!!! So, she finsihes and I start to get Isaac out. She has the nerve to tell me I’m going to break the device, when I KNOW how this sucker works.

I get him out and head him back into the room.
Beth said “I heard you rapidly losing your patience.”
Me: “She’s lucky she’s not dead yet. This doc beter be damn skippy good.”

Doc comes in, has conversation with me, and then listens to little goofball.

Conclusion: NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. It’s an innocent childhood murmur. Exactly what Dr. Saleh told us in CA.

I so just wasted a few hours of my day, tortured Isaac and blew 35.00 just to hear all of that.



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