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August 12, 2006 at 9:51 pm Leave a comment

Today, I’m in Holyoke for the TAG sale, and oh, boy was it interesting. First, we had coors light lady…who around 10 am wandered over, drinking a can of the afformentioned beverage out of a straw. Yes, a STRAW. Next, we had power box guy, who came in looking for wiring,a nd when Anna presented him with an electrical box, he refused it because it wasn’t a specific brand!!! last, we had mr. resale poacher guy. He sat here for 20 minutes asking for broken gold, or anything our parents may have left us. Yeah, right. He turned down some reallllly good stuff, and we told him…NO BROKEN GOLD. Dude bought .75 worth of stuff and left. weirdo.

But, oh, well.

On the upside, I got part of the “hurry up spring” armwarmers done, but I hated them…so I frogged them. Now, I’ve cast on the cable footies from One Skein.

And for those who are sick of hearing about my knitting exploits…. Let me tell y’all about why I think my dogma got ran over by some sort of evil Karma. It’s been the customer service weekend from hades. It all started on Friday evening. Kate and I took the boys out for dinner. We went to Friendly’s. First, we drop of Kate’s perscription (she has an eye injury!!) off at Walgreen’s at approximately 5:30 pm. She was promised a return time of 6:00 pm. Remember that. It will come back.

So, we get to Friendly’s. We order loaded waffle fries, meals for the boys and I order a chicken quesidilla with NO SALSA OR TOMATOES. Waffle fries show up. ummm…they came with no green onions. I wanted my dang green onions!!!! So, we sucked up and dealt, and then the meal came. My quesidillas were covered in (guess what?) Salsa and tomatoes. There were SOOO many tomatoes that they were mixed in with the rice. great. Lovely. GROSSSSSSS!!! So, I flag down the waitress and send it back. It comes back waaaay too fast…and I notice that the tomatoes have been scraped off and the salsa has been scraped off. I bite into one peice that wasn’t salsa covered and then bite into my rice…DAMN! I get a TOMATO!!! DISGUSTING! I didn’t want to believe that it was a tomato….so, I ask “blind Kate” what it was. She was so blind, she couldn’t tell me if it was a tomato or a carrot or something else, like a pepper…her line? “carrot, tomato, pepper, I don’t know what it is..I’m too blind!” Sooo, I flag waitress down again and send it back. I tell her to “forget it.” because by this point, I wasn’t hungry. So, manager comes over and then offers me a sundae (after me rejecting making something else, ect.) and I accept. I order a fortune cookie sundae. ummm…I get a “we’re out of the fixings for that.” after I get the Ok, and they’ve started making it. ARGH. So, I pick another and that goes smoothly. We get in the car and we go back to walgreen’s. Kate runs in to get her scrip, and she comes out after a few minutes and has steam coming out of her ears. She was told that her stuff wasn’t ready (it was 6:30 pm…and remember? promised at 6!) and it would be ready oh, around 7. She storms out with “I’ll be back.”

BUT, Isaac was a pill. That made things sooo much better.

This morning? NO CREAM CHEESE at a bagel shop. WTF?

See? Someone’s nasty Karma ran me over. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.


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