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Cable stalkers

Since we moved in, we’ve had trouble with our service from Time Warner. At that point, we were having heat waves, so we chalked it up to that. When it didn’t stop when the weather cooled down, we called for service. Problem is, our issue is intermittent. Hard to fix. Figures, doesn’t it?

SOOO, after 5 tech calls, they finally call in maintenence. We get this doofy looking guy who we explain the problem YET AGAIN to, and he says “ok. we’ll see what we can do.” Fine, fine…

Well, it took him several visits to get things (we think) straightened out. Well, now, he’s calling us to check on things, oh, 3x/DAY! Umm..can we say stalker anyone?

He’s been peeking in our windows, h e’s been walking upt o our house, driving our neighbors nutty, and just generally pissing us off. Fun.

Sooo, hopefully he got the message when I called Time Warner and complained TWICE about him. THe first time (ok, it was 3x that I called), the guy didn’t take me seriously. The second time, she did, butn othing was done…the 3x…that was the charm. I got through to someone who agreed that it was stalker-like and I was in line to freak out…and she got him to stop. I told her that even when we DON’T pick up the phone, he calls back and sometimes, I think he’s sitting outside my hosue! FREAKY

So, I just wonder…how is it that I get all of the freaks…first the roofer that doesn’t show or call back and lies…and then the freaky cable guy…



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One of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in a LONG time

Is “Potty time with Elmo.”

We figured our little charter member of EA would take a bit more kindly to the potty if his favorite little red monster was leading the charge. Little did we know that this DVD is SCARY. Isaac’s not scared of it….Doug and I are. Watching Gordon sing songs about the names you call pee and poop…and Elmo’s dad singing “It’s potty time!” is just more frightening than seeing the bear potty time DVD. Yes, Beth and Jason…this is scarier than Shadow. Trust me.

Results of viewing 1?

me: “Isaac- want to try the potty?”
Isaac: “Potty?”
Me: “Yep, potty.”
Isaac “No want potty!”
(I change child into pajamas and backhandedly sit child on potty….)
Isaac: “All done!”
Me: “Ok. Good try.”

(30 seconds later…peeing on FLOOR of bathroom!!!)

me: “You put that in the potty, Isaac!”
Isaac: “Bye bye potty!”

So ends potty training session #1. He dismissed the potty.

Ok..better luck next time. At least we got a 30 second sit before we got the “all done” commentary!

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Handing suburbia their comeuppance

I was parusing the Times Useless website for information about the teacher in Cambridge who got arrested for assaulting a student. No dice. But what I did find kind of made me smile. It’s kind of a sick smile, but it’s a smile nonetheless.

The state released a list of schools (High schools) that are on the list to “need improvement.” Well, you KNOW Albany High is on there. Come on. Inner city, very high ethnic population…that’s just a recipie for “needs improvement” status. I got a good education there. I really did. I had no problem there. But, I can see where a set of standardized testers would find it “needing improvement.” Did I mention I hate standardized tests? Ok,that’s a whole other blog post altogether along with “every teacher left in its wake…” I mean “No child left behind..”

So, why was I smiling at t his article? COLONIE CENTRAL got flagged. I’m sitting here sadistically giggling. For all of the people who moved to the South Colonie school district and thought it was SOOOOO much better than Albany, they’re realizing what the students and the realists knew for years. It’s not any better…it’s just got a population mix difference!

I can recount the numerous times that my darling, deluded cousn, Becky used to tell me “Nothing happens. It’s so quiet. ” Yeah, right. Then, I’d hear the ramblings of my friend, Amanda on the SCPB (Girl Scout thing..) telling me about all of the fights and the one time that a guy sheknew was beaten in the hallway with a billiard ball in a sock. Yep. That was Colonie Central. Why was it never reported? People were afraid to spoil the cute suburban image that Colonie has.


So, you Suburbanites- here’s your comeuppance. Your school is not better than Albany. Get over it.

(yes, I live in Niskayuna…but I refuse to be labeled a suburbanite. I didn’t pick this house. It’s not my choice to live here….but I digress.)

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When it’s just too funny NOT to blog

Isaac, Mom and I went to the Carrot Festival at Congregation Aguidat Achim. It’s a JEWISH synagogue. We had lunch. We sat down and were eating, when a family sat down behind us. Here’s the exchange.

Mother: “Ok. What do you want to eat?”

6 year old (at most) son: “Do they have Pork fried rice?”

Yes, you read that right. I about keiled over and so did everyone else in earshot. For the unititiated, if you’re a Kosher Jew, no pork. None. Not bacon, not ham, no nothing.

I just thought it was hilarious.

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Just a few odds and ends..and they’re all odd.

Isaac’s newfound love of mugging for any camera…and saying “CHEESE!!” has me parusing youtube. I quite enjoy youtube. It’s the haven for the brilliant, insane and just shamelessly self promoting. So, enjoy the links.

Here’s one of my favorites. Jessica Simpson, eat your heart out. These two GUYS do it better than you!

Brilliant. Just brilliant. They used Youtube to get their video played. Thisis just my favorite video in a LONG time. It’s a b and called OK go. You all will know why I love this one. Stupid, Yes. Brilliant, Totally.

And last, but certanly not least. Mentos and Diet coke. Just WATCH the clip…note the back of the dude’s pants. I showed the other half this and he said “Oh, that is so gross…but damn, that’s funny! You would find this, wouldn’t you!?” So, here it is.

So, that’s my odd list of odds and ends.

I’ll put a real entry in about the weekend tomorrow evening. There’s lots to be done, as the weekend is still young!

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The Model Citizen

Isaac had his PT eval yesterday, and I stopped into the classroom after the eval was over just to check on him (he had been going ballistic for one reason or another)and to see his room in action. Yes, I’m nosey.

So, I get into having a quick chatsky with the teacher and she informs me that Isaac is the model at circle time! I looked at her like she was insane and said “My kid? He’s NEVER sat still during circle time and if he did, they were calling me to see if he was ok!” Mary Jean continued to inform me that Isaac sat there nicely all of the time, and if circle time was falling apart around him, he would just sit there and wait for his turn and what’s next! She said he adores the stories and tries to sing along with the songs!

Weird. Just plain weird.

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And the dealings with CMS are almost done…

On the 15th of this month, I will OFFICIALLY have the last of my money from CMS. This means that I can be the sweet person/wicked witch that I’ve been dying to be for the past month.

what does this mean???

Well, first, Audra is going to get a gushing letter for her file from me.

second, Melissa is going to get a letter sent to Peg and Sister regarding what went down while I was there, and the treatment I recieved the final week of my employment. This will detail the accusations, the special treatement given to other staff members, the ignoring of things for Isaac and the fact that I was repeatedly stuck in the toddler room, despite not being able to workw ith my child, or get him off the bus for that matter.

It will be the sweetest vengance ever…She’ll never see it coming. If they believe me, they believe me..if they don’t, not a problem…I’ve said what I need to say.

In other news…My child’s overalls sound like a mouse. This was a very scary occurance. Does anyone know if you can WD-40 overalls?

September 5, 2006 at 5:29 pm 2 comments

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