Cable stalkers

September 21, 2006 at 8:08 am Leave a comment

Since we moved in, we’ve had trouble with our service from Time Warner. At that point, we were having heat waves, so we chalked it up to that. When it didn’t stop when the weather cooled down, we called for service. Problem is, our issue is intermittent. Hard to fix. Figures, doesn’t it?

SOOO, after 5 tech calls, they finally call in maintenence. We get this doofy looking guy who we explain the problem YET AGAIN to, and he says “ok. we’ll see what we can do.” Fine, fine…

Well, it took him several visits to get things (we think) straightened out. Well, now, he’s calling us to check on things, oh, 3x/DAY! Umm..can we say stalker anyone?

He’s been peeking in our windows, h e’s been walking upt o our house, driving our neighbors nutty, and just generally pissing us off. Fun.

Sooo, hopefully he got the message when I called Time Warner and complained TWICE about him. THe first time (ok, it was 3x that I called), the guy didn’t take me seriously. The second time, she did, butn othing was done…the 3x…that was the charm. I got through to someone who agreed that it was stalker-like and I was in line to freak out…and she got him to stop. I told her that even when we DON’T pick up the phone, he calls back and sometimes, I think he’s sitting outside my hosue! FREAKY

So, I just wonder…how is it that I get all of the freaks…first the roofer that doesn’t show or call back and lies…and then the freaky cable guy…



Entry filed under: annoyances, customer service, insanity.

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