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A third in one day? WTH???

So, I’m s urfing around the internet, and stumble on (They Might Be Giants-you know..the ABC people), and they have a link to “venue songs”

Yeah. Venue songs. 

The scary part is that I’ve been to 3 of these venues, and the songs just made me almost wet my seat.

so, go to venue songs, and first, click on Albany. You’ll see the Egg. Yes, that’s real. I swear. 

then, for my SoCal bretheren, go to Anaheim and Hollywood. You’ll get it, I promise.


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The end of an era…

Good lord. What are people going to do now for mindless entertainment and screaming at the TV that you could do it better???
Bob Barker is retiring!!

Halloween recap later. I’m tired. I’m going downstairs to put on pajamas and watch House. Little Monkey pants is sleeping…

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And it’s here!

May your pumpkin patch be the most sincere…

And your treats be anything but ROCKS

And don’t fall asleep in the pumpkin patch! 


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So, I’m starting it here…

In Honor of the great pumpkin (more of those shots to follow tomorrow!!), I was wondering what everyone’s favorite peanuts character was…

here’s mine.

I love his cloud of dust…He’s just so cool. You know he’s my alltime favorite, because when I grade papers (when I’m in teach mode) only A-B+ papers get the Pig Pen stamp!

Gotta love Pig Pen!

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T minus 1 day and counting…

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The promised update

Well, Let’s talk about the idiots on parade again (the stupid parent advocate in Niskayuna Central School district) and the people that defend them. If you want to read the first half of the saga, take a peek…

but, h ere’s the latest.

Isaac’s IEP arrived,a nd first off, I was NOT too  happy about the busing wording on there. So, I decided to call the chairperson, Olive. There were some other things that were technically wrong, but  those aren’t worth getting into. Just know I got into them with the chairperson. Has a lot to do with the LRE and all of that mess. (If anyone wants translation from Special Ed to english, let me know.)

So, I get on the phone with Olive, and go through my list of gripes. THEN, since I have her on the phone, I wanted to have a chat about the SPA. Yes, that SPA.

So, I start to explain that I do not want the parent advocate, because she is a detriment to our process. 

Are you ready for the kicker??? 


you read that right.

She said ‘well, her question was not out of line, because I was goign to ask the same thing, and she’s been with us for so long…”
I cut her off. I said “If you had asked it, I wouldn’t have been that upset, because you read the file. She has not. I would have explained to you that none of us (medical included) feels that an eval is needed. ALSO, he has had extensive medical workups since birth. We’d know something was wrong if there was something.”
She was dead silent.
I then said “If I was the Parent advocate in this meeting, I would have kept my mouth shut unless there was a procedural matter that needed to be addressed. She is not allowed to read the file, so she has no clue what the deal is.”

Chair consented that the SPA was not allowed to read the file.

THEN, she began to argue with me, and said “I respect your opinion, but…”
I cut her off again. She was not listening.
I then pulled my trump card. 
watch this…

“As a special educator with plenty of experience in this area, I feel that parent advocates are great for some people, but in my personal and professional opinion, I feel that a parent advocate is a detriment to our meeting. I respectfully decline one. Any parent advocate in attendance at any future meetings for my son will be respectfully and politely asked to leave. If you do not honor my wishes, I will take you to fair hearing.”

She clammed up. I could hear eye rolling over the phone. I think she’s finally bucked up and realized who she’s dealing with…

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Super short stories

Over on her blog, Lorinda has placed a contest about supershort stories. 1 sentence, six words…tells an entire story. 

here was my entry (it had to be fiber/yarn related because it’s for SP9)

Yarn shop beckons. ATM broken! NOOO!

I’d love to hear anyone else’s..and it doesn’t have to be fiber related.

and later, I will update the story of the SPA and the insane school district.

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