Goals and envelopes and wrong kids, oh my!

October 6, 2006 at 7:32 pm Leave a comment

Sooo, the boy has his transition meeting on Tuesday 10/10. Not  a big deal…except for the lack of notice. BUUUT…we have bigger battles to fight.

I get the goals home today, and I open up the envelope. Cute note from Marsha….and then…WHOAH MAMA! Not Isaac’s but another child (R)’s goals! EEEEEKKKKK!!!! Can we say HIPAA violation anyone?

So, I go through the rest of the pages to see how many were wrong,and it was only the first two….PHEW.

So, I call the school. I get Dumbunny new secretary (DNS). No clue where they found her. THey need to bring back Laura. But I digress. DNS says “umm they’re in a meeting.” I leave a message and wait an hour. This is important stuff! I’m not calling with a question…I’m calling to get the right paperwork and get this other kid’s file out of my house!! So, I call back, get someone else. Ask for Marsha. Get told she’s STILL in a meeting. Ask for Mary Jean…She’s in the same meeting. 

SOOO, I lay it on the line for this person (who turns out to be the SOCIAL WORKER!!!) and explain that the meeting is Tuesday, and I have R’s sp. ed goals and objectives, and NOT Isaac’s. I can hear her jaw hit the floor. So, she says: “I’ll call you back.” 

3 minutes later (as I”m emailing Beth the whole saga…) she calls. She says “Ok. we’ve got them here. Can you send the other ones back on Tuesday…wait..how are you going to see these before Tues morning? Can you come down here and get them? We’re here until 4.”

TIme check. 3:10. 
Time it takes to get to ECEC WITHOUT traffic: 20 minutes. 
My thought? Doable.

Throw Isaac in car, start heading down. HOLY CRAPOLA traffic on 155. 

I’m praying as the minutes tick by…

TIme check: 3:40. 
Place? Turning onto Washington Ave. Extension. 
My thought? “we’re gonna be close…but we’re gonna make it!!”

So, we get there, Sarah (the social worker) is waiting with the goals to make the swap. 

We make the swap, and she was impressed that i had them folded up back in the envelope. 

I wasn’t looking! I wasn’t!

SOOOO, end of story here…
I have the RIGHT goals. 
THe meeting is still on for Tues…
and Marsha didn’t have to call me back. 

Figures, doesn’t it?


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