Halloween Musings

October 10, 2006 at 4:46 am Leave a comment

So, with the onset of October and the inevitable Halloween creeping up, I’ve been kind of thinking of the route I’ll take Isaac on and all of that. It’s also lead me to sit here and kind of think about Halloweens past, and the best costumes I”ve EVER seen….

RIght now, I”m in a super uncreative costume phase. Come on, I got my 2 year old the monkey costume from Old Navy. 

I think the best costumes I’ve ever seen are these 3. 
1) Margot’s Cereal Killer. I think we must have spent hours in the kitchen contemplating how to impale boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Apple Jacks with fake Katana swords…and how much fake blood to put on them. It was quite hilarious. I also think it was my idea. So, I can be creative when I want to be! SO NYAH!!!

2) My friend, Sasha’s Leaf bag. This was at the dawn of the “recycle your yard waste” movement. She took one of those leaf bags, cut arm and leg holes in it, and in green tape, made the recycle symbol..and wrote “reduce, reuse, recycle.” CLASSIC! I know I have a photo somewhere, but who knows where!!!

3) My sis’ friend, Khoury. He went as a COMMUNIST. Wandered around Margot’s Halloween Party with a copy of the Communist Manifesto in his pocket, quoting it. Nuff said.

And while we’re thinking costumes here, let’s discuss the treat end of all of this…

The usual route was pre-planned. We knew who had the good stuff…so we went. Here’s the normal route.
1) Home street. Had to. You know, neighbors and stuff.
2) Over onto South Main and Peyster. Hit stinky house for good candy. 
3) around the back stretch to writing impliment house, and freeze pop house. The freeze pops were HUGE.
4) Over Woodlawn and possibly onto Edison, just cause.
5) Depending on who we were with, we may even raid their neighborhood….
6) back home again, ringing the bell and demanding candy from mom. 
7) in recent years, hit the Leet house for the annual “trick for treat” party. Yes, I said trick FOR treat. That’s another post altogether.

Now, this year, I must take the little monkey. Route? Kinda sorta planned. 
1) trapse around our new suburbia neighborhood. Do a few houses, including the one with the neighbor we wait for the bus with every morning.
2) Drive over to Mom’s. Do that street.
3) go to Gram’s. See w hat time the family is converging for the annual “little cousins” picture. 
4) Check time. See how Little is holding up…
5) Over to Sunnyview (possibly pending arrangement…) to visit Daddy…
6) If not Sunnyview, over to the Leet’s for Trick for Treat. 
7) Home. Throw Little Monkey in bed. 

Hopefully, Isaac’s school will do SOMETHING that I can get in on. They’re only small once….and Isaac just has waay too much fun.


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just a quick note… Yet ANOTHER sock debacle

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