Idiots on parade, otherwise known as Parent Advocates in Niskayuna School District

October 12, 2006 at 8:33 am Leave a comment

So, Isaac’s IEP meeting was Tuesday. Normally, this would not be blog fodder, because the meeting was smooth for the most part, with the few little snags that happen constantly. Not a big deal…a tweak of this, a re-eval of that…not a huge deal. We got mostly what we wanted…so, again, normally not blog fodder….but, oh, here’s why this is blog fodder…

In most preschool IEP meetings, there is a parent advocate. This is to protect parents from procedural screw ups and make sure the parents know what their rights are. 

I don’t need one. I’ve got the knowledge and all of that. I teach sp.ed. I’ve done it for eons (or what feels like eons now). I know the law…so, normally, I’d ask that they be excused (and go find something else to do with the half hour).

Well, this one thought she knew sooo well….and ran her mouth when she shouldn’t have. Let’s see the chain of events…

We start the meeting, we intro ourselves, I see parent advocate with bad 80’s bannana clip and slightly sneer. 
Progress and needs are discussed, committee asks for OT eval (the report was unclear) and speech update. (no biggie…easy…) 
Committee asks about meeting again to tweak frequencies.
We rate Isaac’s current levels on a 1-7 level. ( I make a comment and reveal myself as a spec. ed teacher….)
We discuss social work component  as a link between home and school. We accept that component.

THEN, the parent advocate pipes up (when she should have kept he mouth shut) and starts up with the developmental pediatrician again. 
I immediately rankle, as I’ve made it crystal clear to my current coordinator, Jill, that this is not an acceptable thing, and we (and his docs) do not feel that this is appropriate. Jill has left this alone. Stupid parent advocate  (SPA) says this: “Well, it seems like you’ve got a lot going on iwth Isaac. Why don’t you take him to see a developmental pediatrician?” 

my response ‘NO. The answer is NO. We and his pediatrician feel that this is not warranted.”
Jill: “Mom isn’t ready for that…”
Me: NO. Jill. you know, the answer is NO.”
SPA: “well, it takes a long time…”
me (cutting her off..) NO. THe answer was no in the past, the answer is NO now, and it will be NO in the future. I will not ever sign off on this.”
Poor chairperson who is trying to keep order…” We never rule out anything…”
Marsha (director of school): IT’s been that bad, Laura?
me: You’ve read the file….
SPA : (looks severely peturbed…) well…OK.

I think I’m going to call Olive…(the chairperson) and ask that parent advocates not be included in our meetings again, and that unless there is a good reason from the school, the developmentalist not be brought up ever again. 

Figures. A SPA has to ruin a perfectly good meeting.


Entry filed under: annoyances, district incompetence.

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