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As part of the SP9 swap, one of the hostesses has posted yet another “game” of sorts. Although I’m not in her group, I figured, in the interest of full disclosure (or just generally being bored), I’d answer the questions….so, here we go… OH, and now my hostess, Shelby has jumped in with this for a contest!!! SOO, here are the answers, with a few additions!!!

My favorite

Actor Hrm. Not sure. I can tell you who I don’t like. I like a lot of different ones…but lately…that Hugh Jackman has been tickling my fancy. Maybe it’s just too much X-Men.

Actress Here comes the Asiorican in me….Gong Li. She’s this amazing Chinese actress who’s been in tons of good movies, and was actually sanctioned by the Chinese Government. Anyone who gets publicly slapped for being good at what they do, and being called subversive is ok in my book!

Animal Oooh..hard one. I think it’s a cross between the panda (see the San Diego zoo webcam for LOADS of reasons to love the panda…) and Sea Otters. Although sting rays are right up there. If we’re at an aquarium, you can always find me by the touch tanks petting the stingrays or drooling in front of the otter tank. Pandas are just cool. No two ways about it. 

Band Dave Matthews comes to mind right away, but lately, I’ve been more into mixes rather than one specific band. Althoguh today, I had Duran Duran playing in my car CD player. The Reflex anyone?

Beverage Target makes this amazing flavored sparkling water (yeah, the no sugar kind…) in the blackberry raspberry flavor. The others are just too “diet” tasting for me. THere’s a wicked aftertaste with the others…I’m hooked on the blackberry raspberry combo.

Book I love, love love The Crazy Ladies of Pearl Street and The secret life of bees . BUT, anything on the ALA’s Banned Books list always makes me happy to read. Gotta love Harry Potter, even though I really couldn’t talk about it when I was working at ARC, because God love her, my boss didn’t think it was a “good read.” SOO, I adore Harry Potter too. 

Bubble Bath Mr. Bubble. Gotta go with a classic! 

Candy 3 Musketeers. YUMMMMYYYYY… Oh, and anything from the Chocolate Gecko.

Color Blue and purple But NO, NO, NO PINK.

Flower Sunflowers. They’re happy flowers!

Food Chinese…or Vientamese…or in lieu of that, anything that comes out of my Dad’s kitchen. He’s an amazing cook!!!

Lip Balm Born Lippy Satsuma or Mango from Body shop, or the Hemp lip balm from the same place! MY all time favorites!

lotion Cucumber melon from Bath and Body works. Yummy. Clean smelling, and nice. 

Movie Like Water for Chocolate. 1) It’s in Spanish, so it confuses my other half, 2) It’s an amazing movie, and 3) The puking scene. (this comes from working with sp. ed middle schoolers..mostly boys…for so long)

Song Anything I can sing very loudly in the car and make Isaac look at me like I’ve got 20 heads. That’s lots of things.

TV show Grey’s Anatomy (right now) because a) Meredith knits…and it’s downright funny to see her using these chunky needles (I’m guessing they’re 15’s?) and making this THING. and b) I love the fact that the characters are super vulnerable. Plus, Meredith on Morphene this week was hilarious…The other half said that I acted like that on morphene! Also, I’m an ER junkie. (see a theme?) and I love bad reality TV. Survivor…not bad enough…Bachelor…PERFECT Just horrid enough for me…and Top Model is in the same vein. I can knit and not drop a stitch! LOL!

Yarn ooh. Anything squishy. I’m very in love with artyarns handpainted at the moment. I’ve made a pair of socks and some mittens out of the merino and supermarino.  I’m on a quest for more Socks that Rock. I love their yarn!

Vacation Spot  Disney (because I know CM speak) and anyplace near the ocean.


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