Rhinebeck Recovery day

October 22, 2006 at 10:17 pm 2 comments

So, yesterday, we went to Rhinebeck for the annual sheep and wool festival. Whoah..what a day…

We got there around 12:30, and it wasn’t bad. We weren’t sitting in traffic for that long (I heard horror stories later in the day), and we ended up getting a dang good parking space. We paid for the tickets and went in…

First thing I do is meet ALLISON from the Blue Blog!!! She’s a sweetie! And she (as I told her) is fully responsible for my sock making addiction.
Her line? “YES! got another one!”

Then, I find out about the STR booth..the one I’ve been coveting…I got there,a nd the booth was 90% sold out!!! I nearly died. There were very few colors left (I got some Kiwi and some purple rain sock candy..nice stuff…trust me on that one…and a little somthing for my SP) but otherwise, there was no wool left, except for the roving. The last 2 wool skeins left were Olive and gunmetal grey. Icky. They had the STR really expensive yarn, but I was NOT paying 35.00/skein for that stuff. Sorry. So, I got some…and from what I heard, later in the day, there was so little left, that they were contemplating closing the booth! WOW! Later in the day, Sidekick described it as this: “people were clutching the yarn like it was the last prize they were able to get out of Poland!”

Poland? Prize? (Insert absolutely hysterical laughter here. I laughed right there…so, she knows I died when I heard that statement)

So, Sidekick and I wandered around, pushing little…and I called Amey with the bad news. She took it VERY well. I felt terrible, though!  So, as we were on the phone, Sidekick starts pushing Little in the stroller, and gets stuck behind a mass of people. I told her “you know, you need to be aggressive. Just push your way through!” 

Amey came through with the line of hte day…
“Think MOSES! Part the red sea!!” 
It worked. 

So, we wandered on and on and on…and Isaac met some sheep!

Did you know that Sheep say moo? According to Isaac, they do! 

Then, we stopped for lunch here

Yep, that’s the 4H booth! We had BBQ lamb sandwiches. Envision pulled pork…YUMMMMYYYY! Fresh cider, fresh cider donuts and Isaac had a hot dog.

It was at this point, I was accused of taking too many photos of the boy…
So, I turned the camera on Sidekick…and and her stuffed border collie!

She was slightly amused. She then specified that I was to take pictures of scenery, trees, and the crowd. 
Here’s trees. Nice colors, huh? Fall has come to upstate NY.

And Here’s the crowd.
This was an awesome juggler who did a neato act.
He was juggling a bowling ball, a softball and an apple..and he ate the apple as he juggled.

and here’s some scenery. These are sheep. Cute sheep. Nice sheep. 

So, did I meet the requrements before taking more pics of the boy in his pumpkin hat???
Good. Here’s another one of the boy…

and I’m not flashing what I got, because A) I ran out of film…
B) Some of it’s for my SP…
and C) I’d rather show the aftermath of Rhinebeck….

We were not 5 minutes into the ride, when the finger slurping started and the boy was OUT COLD. We all wanted to sleep, but I had to drive. 
We got home, crashed out and sidekick went home to her house. 

So, despite the crowd, it was an awesome day. I  had a blast. Isaac had a blast. Sidekick had a blast. We’ll be back next year, earlier…and with some good STR mojo!!!


Entry filed under: fiber stuff, sunny days.

It’s one of those nights knit,knit, knit…OH GOD!

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  • 1. celiasmom  |  October 23, 2006 at 12:16 pm

    It looks like you guys had FUN!! I was there saturday, bright and early! At 9:15, the STR booth already had people pulling the stuff off the shelves. By 10, the line was 50 deep, and crazy! I am glad I got there so early, I managed to get 3 skeins, and they are all lovely! By the time I went back to that building around 2, there were only 3 skeins of STR left, and they were in electric pink and another wierd colorway. It was impressive!

  • 2. anonymous  |  October 23, 2006 at 5:21 pm

    Thank you for putting up the photos. Glad that you got them done. Oh and I think the one of the sheep’s butt was especially flattering 😉

    C’est Moi


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