Trick or treating with 2 year olds and walking out of Barnes and Noble Juice and Jammies

November 3, 2006 at 9:13 pm 3 comments

Ok, Ok…all Halloween night, I teased you with the prospect of hearing all about the weirdo child trick or treating…so, here’s the nutshell….

He got the hang of it at crossgates, where he kept getting ‘OH MY GOD! WHAT A CUTE LITTLE MONKEY!!!” Well, duh! He is cute!!! (sorry. Biased mommy opinion.)  and once we hit my street, he was pulling me yelling “LET’S GO! GO! GO!!” He was a very polite little monkey, saying “thank you” after getting treats…and popcorn from the cool house on the corner where they had a full sized popcorn machine that was running all night with fresh hot popcorn! YUMMMYYY! 

Then, we ran out of candy in the middle of a group…We had to dip into Isaac’s stash. He was giving it out, saying ‘welcome!” after anyone said thank you. He never noticed that hew as giving away some of HIS stash! HEy. what was I supposed to do? We ran out in the middle of a huge group of 25! No, not kidding… He doesn’t need all of that anyhoo! But, he had fun, slept well, and was generally cute as a button the whole time!

So, let’s get to walking out of Juice and Jammies story hour at Barnes and noble this evening. 

I called the store earlier this evening to find out if  1) the thing was still on…and 2) it was a normal night. I was told YES on both counts. Remember this. Trust me. It comes back.

I get there and there was a big sign that said “WELCOME ALBANY ACADEMY AND ALBANY ACADEMY FOR GIRLS” Greaaaaattttttt. Academy. Damn snobby ass 80 billon dollar school. Ok, fine. I figure none of them are at Juice and Jammies. I’m WRONG. THEY ARE ALL FREAKIN THERE. So, as I”m trying to get my little wobbly 2 year old into the area, he gets knocked over by kids who are old enough to know better. They slammed and ran. The snobbiness didn’t even let up there. I went to sit Isaac down, and he was zooming some of those truck books with wheels. Fine. This kid turns around and asks me to make him be quiet! WTF??? THEN, Isaac politely goes and sits on a bench and nearly gets pushed off by another chld (dressed in an Academy sweatshirt) and gets told that  it was a saved seat. FINE. whatever. So, the parents (nice people) who were sititing next to us said it was never that way…and when I was leaving, they told me that they weren’t far behind. You couldn’t hear the stories, the kids were rude, and the people reading the stories were just bad. The one good one, you couldn’t hear because of all of the noise. Come on. If I can’t hear it, Isaac damn well can’t hear it. 

This was not the experience I expected. I was beyond mad because of hte phone calls I had made earlier. If I hadn’t gotten the answers that I asked you to remember, I wouldnt’ have taken Isaac out! ARGH!

So, I let Isaac take a Bob the Builder book home with him. (I paid!) and I took him to coldstone, where the people were just sweet. This is the 2nd experience I had with coldstone that I’ve loved just because the people were NICE. I let the people at barnes and noble know what happened, and I think I’m going to write a letter or call. I’m beyond angry at that…and those academy parents live up to their snobby reputation. 

Disgusting. Just disgusting.

Since there’s nothing special going on next week (or so I heard again) We’re going to try one more time. Then, I’m swearing off story hour. This is the 2nd bad experience I’ve had since moving back to NY.  First that damn co-op preschool and now Academy snots. I want the Riverside Barnes and Noble back!

I think I’m gonna go cast on some socks.


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A third in one day? WTH??? Lookie at what Disneyland Ride I am!!!

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  • 1. filodea  |  November 5, 2006 at 8:43 am

    I’m not making excuses, because the kids were jerks, but…
    The person you talked to on the phone may not have known something special was going on. I don’t unless I read the monthly bulletin. If you really want to know if something is going on in kids, you need to talk to the “kid’s lead”, or the MOD or the CRM. That’s the person in charge of kids, the manager on duty, or the Community Relations Manager.

  • 2. kileigh7  |  November 5, 2006 at 2:32 pm

    It wasn’t just the kids stuff…it was the entire store being taken over by the Academy kids. It was some sort of fundraiser…and everyone there that night seemed to know about it, and the people I talked to were shocked as all get out that it wasn’t mentioned to me while I was on the phone. If it was just kids, I could completely understand, but that’s not what it was.

    I just have no luck with story hour. None at all since I left Riverside. I think I need to come back.

  • 3. anonymous  |  November 5, 2006 at 7:01 pm

    Yep, you do. Don’t know why you wanted to go back there in the first place. I have a personal prejudice against places where snow is something that has to be shoveled. Too cold.


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