Voting in Upstate NY…back to the dark ages

November 7, 2006 at 7:37 pm 2 comments

In the time I was on the left side of the Continental US, I was able to vote 3 times. I even got to vote for AHHNOLD. Who wouldn’t, considering the next best candidate was a porn star (for those of you who are wondering, it was Mary Carey.)

So, this year is an election year here in boring, old Upsate NY. No good elections to vote in, as the really good one, Gillibrand vs Sweeny is a Saratoga County election. I live in (remember?) Schenectady county. *sigh* So, I go to do my civic duty, because I need to keep a few people in and a few people OUT of office. It gives me some sort of perverse thrill to know I have a hand in this. I promise, no soapbox on this topic. I’ve got another one….

But, I find my polling place and first of all, I’m floored that it’s a NORMAL polling place, after the last few that I voted in were 1) a guy’s garage. 2) An old folks home trailer park where cuthroat bingo was being played and voters got yelled at for interrupting a game and someone MASSACRED a bag of microwave popcorn, and 3) McAullife Elementary school. Yes, named after the famous teacher-astronaut, Christa McAullife.  
This time, I got to vote in a CHURCH. Huh. Go fig. 

So, I get into the polling place and pass the “This is 100 feet you fools” signs, and wander into where the polls are. Shock sets in. These machines are seriously antequated! One thing that CA and all of its political idiocy had going for it was that it had those new-fangled touch machines that registed your vote instantly. It was quite nice. Easy…no levers, just touch, touch, touch. DONE! With those wonderful machines, you can juggle a small child and vote all at once. Been there, done that. 

These machines? No go. I had to have Isaac flip the levers FOR me, or he would change all of my votes! 
So, here’s how it went…

Me: Ok…what table do I go to?
Election person (EP) What street do you live on?
Isaac: PLAY!! READY!!!
Me: (to protect my home, the street is given a generic name…I gave the EP the right one..) East Nowhere road. 
EP: You’re District 5. 
Me: Ok.
(I go and check in…Isaac in tow and pulling to get at toys that were there for the church)
Isaac: PLAY!!!
Me: Nope, sweetie. we have to vote.
We enter booth and Isaac pulls the lever closed. 
Isaac begins to randomly flip levers
I start pointing out what to flip, so that he doesn’t vote for the wrong person.
He pulls the lever back
Voting complete.

Dang dark age machines. 

But, hey. I did my civic duty…and voted. Don’t forget to vot this election day! (Note the Dan Quayle spelling!!)


Entry filed under: insanity.

Lookie at what Disneyland Ride I am!!! I knew there was a reason

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  • 1. knittingsheeple  |  November 8, 2006 at 12:29 am

    FWIW, there was an article in the Times Union saying that the lever machines are actually better in the event of needing a recount or any other error. That some of the “new fangled” machines are not as good at that. Who knows.

    In AZ we vote on paper. This little “complete the arror for your choice system with – > next to each name so when you vote for someone your vote looks a bit like -=====>. I always liked the resounding CLICK for each vote. ANd that massive noise when you open the curtain up.

  • 2. celiasmom  |  November 8, 2006 at 7:01 am

    Wow, voting machines!! I havne’t seen those in years! In Marylabnd we have the touch screen ones, and I actually miss the voting machines! It was so much fun to flip the levers, and pull the big lever when you’re done. I used to watch my parents vote when I was younger, and voting machines just make me smile. 😉


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