Whining in suburbia

November 14, 2006 at 10:29 am Leave a comment

so, last night, finally sick of freezng my tailbone off to stay comfy, I called mom and dad and whined to them that I dind’t have a heating pad. They looked, and found they had one! WHOOPIE!!!!

So, as I was talking to my dad, he said “well, god, you live so far away!” WELL DUH!!! this is a well doccumented fact that I live in east nowhere!!!

But, I digress…

So, i get a call from mom, sayng that they’re stopping to pick me up dinner along the way….Did I mind a dunkin donuts bagel and a coffee???

NO!! I DON”T MIND!!! I’d LOVE it!

So, last night, my mom and dad stopped the whining of the pained tailbone, and brought me a mochuckin coolata…I didn’t know they made that size- and a plain bagel with chive cream cheese!

Oh, the heights of yumminess!

so, here’s the thing…I may be a whiney snot some days,and I may complain about my parents and their lack of connecteness on a lot of levels with me and what’s really going on in my life, but when it counts, they’re there.
They didn’t have to come over last night to drop off a heating pad, a bagel and a coolatta…but they did. that’s the point.

I adore them for it.


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knittng and scrapblogging and all of that, oh my *sigh*

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