On the list of things I swore I’d never be reduced to

November 17, 2006 at 10:49 pm Leave a comment

Was allowing my child to attend a “kids type show” such as one that gratuitiously bit off of a TV show.

Yet, what am I doing?
Taking Isaac to the Doodlebops Live show on the 25th. We’re even driving to Glens Falls to see the show! We would normally have gone to the Palace in Smallbany for the show, but there were a myriad of reasons that we chose Glens falls. 1) The Smallbany show is on Sunday. Doug has to work on Monday, and we’ve got church where Isaac is supposed to sing…and it would be cutting it too close. 2) The seats for the 1:00 show were CRAPPY. 3)I refuse to pay 29.00 for a kids’ show at any venue at any time. Those were the only decent seats left…the 29.00 price point. and 4)Parking in Smallbany sucks. I learned a good game of parking vulture from going to St. Rose and I am excellent at it, but I just don’t feel like playing it. 5) Glens Falls civic center has NO nosebleed seats. None. There is no upper deck. It’s ideal for this type of show. SOOO, even though we’re not close enough to smell it if DeeDee Doodle farts, we’re still close enough for Isaac to sing, dance and yell “MORE SCHOOL BUS!”

Oh, who are the Doodlebops you ask? Well, just click here.


…I feel bad. I’ve already scared you with the Wiggles…and that dang Hot Potato song…and now this

But this is my life.

So, here again, is another parenting thing that I swore I’d never do, and here I am, doing it.

Am I going to parenting hell for this one? Going to a live version of a TV show that can be categorically described as a bad Canadian acid trip?

In the words of Bus Driver Bob…GET ON THE BUS. It’s time to go!


Entry filed under: parenting hell.

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