Ok, maybe it’s just parenting purgatory

November 25, 2006 at 9:22 pm Leave a comment

We just got back home from the show in Glens Falls, and man, oh, man was it an amazing show.

The Preshow was adorable,but I missed most of it, because we forgot the camera in the car, and I had to run back and get it! DH didn’t want to go..ok, fine.

When I got to our seats, I found they were just amazing. Glens Falls has no upper deck, so we were facing the stage and up high enough that he could see! the security wasn’t really “ticket checking” any of hte empty seats, so once the show started, you could sit anywhere that was empty. The entire crowd was mellow, and everyone was there to have fun!!

But, Bus Driver Bob came out, gave the rules and did the preshow, and then on came the DOODLEBOPS!

They did the theme song, and then in the middle of the song, Moe cartwheeled off and HID! then, ensuded a game of “Where’s Moe?” Isaac was laughing and pointing at Moe’s hands and when he rolled across the stage!

It took Isaac 2 songs before he realized that he was seeing the real Doodlebops! it was then when he finally started to clap, sing and dance! He was bouncing, yelling “HI” and just generally having a blast.

The highlight of the show for Isaac was when they sang “get on the bus” with the bus coming out. He was just in complete awe. He didn’t know WHAT to do! He said “School Bus” a few times, but i twas general awe.

10 minute intermission ensued, and just as monkey pants was getting bored and restless (I used this time to break out the snacks. he ate and shared some popcorn and cookies. I offered him and his new buddy a lolipop, but they both told me no thank you.), the Doodlebops came back with the sparkly costumes on!

they did the wobbly whoopise, Bird is the word and a few others. Isaac Adored the bird song, especially when the doodlebop dancers (who are FANTASTIC) brought out these birds thta had these long tails on sticks. it was amazing.

They had DeeDee pull some kids up on stage for a song, and she was just the sweetest. One girl asked if she could have a hug, and DeeDee obliged!

We finally got down to the floor so Isaac could watch Moe pull teh rope and set off confetti, and he could see the bus up close and get a high 5 from Deedee Rooney and Moe, and off the Doodles went on their bus.

We didn’t see Jazzmin, and Audio Murphy was only out for a few seconds. Not that we missed Jazzmin, but I know Isaac would have liked to see Audio Murphy for a few more seconds.

But, overall, it was an amazing show! I’m so glad we went. Even my Dh who was grumbling all the way to Glens Falls had a GREAT time!

I’d definately, definately, definately go see them again!!! YAY!
As soon as I get the pictures developed (I didnt’ use the digital, because they requested no flash, and we have a good camera with a telephoto lens that uses high speed film, so we brought that.) I’ll post them. I love the ones and I hope they come out, Of Isaac dancing and watching the bus!

Again, awesome show! I was BLOWN AWAY!

I think since Isaac had such a good time, I’m only going to purgatory…wiggles..that wouldbe a one way trip to permanent parentng hell.


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Who’dve thunk it… Holiday time…

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