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December 6, 2006 at 8:41 pm 2 comments

So, “Lortab Laura,” as I’ve been dubbed by Beth (and appropriately so) hit the orthopedic doctor this morning. I forwent the lortabs, and took some advil. Turns out, the lortabs have been making me sick as all get out. It was sooo nasty feeling. I was only comfortable if I was asleep. Not the way to go through life.

Turns out, that it’s too swolen and bruised (just for the record…the bruising is creeping up my ankle into my leg…)for them to decide anything. They know that its sprained…that they’re sure of, but because of all of the swelling, ect they can’t decide if my tendons and ligaments are torn as well.

So, they’ve put me in this huge boot. Looks like a ski boot..or a moon boot…but oh, man. It feels so much better. I bet it does, because I can’t move it. It’s I move the whole leg, or nothing at all. It’s like cast, but I can take it out of the boot for showering and sleeping. I have to keep it in at all times otherwise.

So, I wore my sock wars socks with my boot and shoe, and they are so nice and warm…so, now, I’m on a mission…to knit a few pairs of socks for my cold foot that will be 1) cute, 2) holiday-ish enough that I can wear through the time I’ve got this boot…and 3) Quick knits!

With this in mind, I hit Trumpet Hill (the new LYS-What Doug has dubbed “Sheep Reflux”) and talked with Robena (Gotta love her!! She was an old Sheep customer and decided that she wanted to open a yarn shop! Go Robena!) and we decided on this reallllly easy, cute pattern from Country Classic, Yarn for Sox, and in the same yarn. The pattern that I purchased (for all of 3.10, before the 10% discount for grand opening!!) has 9 (you read that right..) variations on a basic sock pattern. The one I chose, has a simple cable down both sides of the ankle. Robena had one knited, and it was just so simply striking. I’m so excited! I picked out a red heathered yarn, and it’s just sooo soft and pretty, and will be AMAZING aganst my skin.

Part of the reason I chose a bright color is that people are cosntantly looking at my leg with this huge moon boot on it! You can see a peek of toe, and I watn people to have something cool to look at that will STOP them in their tracks and say “OOOH! Neato!!” I know these will stop people dead!

So, now, here I am, knitting socks, popping advil as if it were candy (Advil Laura doesn’t soound as good as “lortab Laura”, Does it? But DAMN, it feels better!) in this absolutely huge boot. I’ll be like this for 6-8 weeks!

Joy of Joys.
I’m going to go and knit. I have to get to the heel by the time top model is over…This is a mission!!


Entry filed under: fiber stuff, ouchies.

It’s 3 am. Do you know where your Lor-Tabs are? Something that made me laugh…

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  • 1. anonymous  |  December 7, 2006 at 2:42 pm

    I remember well the days of the moon boot after my fall. It sounds like you are making the best of it. I hope you continue to feel better.
    –Your Secret Pal

  • 2. knittingsheeple  |  December 7, 2006 at 3:22 pm

    So, are you going to do some holly or wreath detailing in intarsia on the toes for excitement? That would be sweet.

    I am so sorry you’ve been wounded. Arnica will help with the bruising (am I sounding like a broken record yet?).



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