This bad SNL skit just keeps going and going and going…

December 15, 2006 at 9:39 pm Leave a comment

Remember when my mom said that my experience at the F-bomb McDonalds was likea bad SNL skit?

Well, it gets better.

Yesterday,we stopped at the F-bomb for lunch,because Isaac was HUNGRY and so were we. We gave a very, very, very simple order…a 6 peice chicken nugget meal a #5 (10 chicken nugget meal) and a chicken nugget happy meal,and drinks. we thought it was easy…NOT

Doug mentioned not having enough nuggets one day, and not being able to go back, because he was at work. So, we sat at the drive through window actually counting our nuggets. Do you see where this is going?

counting verdict: 6 peice- missing 2 nuggets…4 peice count.
10 peice-missing 2 nuggets….8 peice count.
happy meal- fine.

So, we’re dealing with a base 8 counting model here! we all know that McDonald’s employees are NOT that smart, and that the world currently deals with a base 10 counting model!

We flag drive through person, and tell them that we’re missing nuggets. Dirty look ensues and she brings them back with missing nuggets added. Her attitude was SOOOO dirty, that I asked her if her employees knew how to count to 10. Ok, not the most mature response, but maaannnn…don’t tell me that I’m “delusional, and am deliberately miscounting to get freebies.”

ummm…we’re STILL sitting int he drive through. Yeah, right.

So, that SNL experience ended, and let’s fast forward to tonight. I went to get Margot and Matt’s Christmas present. (I’m not mentioning what it is, because I KNOW Margot reads this. HI MARGOT!!!) So, I go into the store (again…not being named…NOPE MARGOT! NO HINTS!!) and look..and look..and look.. NO ITEM!!! ARGH! Was intheir most current ad…where is this sucker!? Ask employee that was SUPER hard to find, and turns out that they sold out of said item 2 weeks ago! WHAT THE HELL???

So, we go to the internet and he finds it with a green flag on it, which means it should be here by Christmas. I end up paying a 5.95 shipping fee and get the sucker gift wrapped. Sorry, if you’re going to make me wait for it, and you KNOW none of the other stores in the area have it, andI have to pay for shipping, you dang better gift wrap it!
I go and pay,and I just want to know…do stores INTENTIONALLY hire idiots? I handed the girl the store credit slip that I had froma mispurchased item (I purchased a can opener we had,a nd I returned it sans receipt, because I couldn’t find said receipt. Had a 9.71 credit!) and she looked at me and said “you can’t use this.” I said “yes I can. I was told I could use it on any item, any time in the store. ” we had to get the dang manager who confirmed that I was right.

So, bottom line is that the item is on its way…and I hope it gets here in time. Argh.

and don’t even get me started about going to Price Chopper for the pizza…that’s another story.

Can someone stop the bad SNL sketch I’m living?


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