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Waiting sucks. Period.

Yesterday was a day of hurry up and wait. We spent the better part of the day at Albany Med, waiting for Isaac’s surgery (what we hope is the LAST) to get done.

We got there at 7:25 and checked in, did the insurance thing, and got taken back to the PACU for preop paper work. We were supposed to go back at 8:30 for surgery, and the BSER, but we didn’t get back to the room until 8:40!!! We didn’t meet our anestesiologist until 8:15, and Isaac didn’t get the sedative until 8:25.
Dr. Kogan and his resident, Dr. Belamino came in to do a preop exam at 8:30, so nothing started on time. Argh. Again, hurry up, get there and WAIT.

So, we get back to the OR, I talk to Dr.Caseon regarding the BSER and why it was ordered, and then got brought back to the PACU to get out of the suit (icky sterile suit!!) and go up to meet Doug in the waiting area. I sent him to check in, give the cell phone number and get some comfy chairs before they were all taken up. That surgical waiting area fills up FAST, even though there are 4 very large sections to it!

So, we began waiting…and waiting…and waiting…

We finally decided to go up for breakfast around 9:30,because we were both HUNGRY and we knew we had some time to kill.

But, what does one do, after they’re done eating, and when they really can’t wander around?
well, me? I sit and KNIT. I brought my mom’s socks, and pulled them out and began working on them.

Turns out one of the moms who had her daughter there as well is a KNITTER!!!!!! we started talking knitting and all of that great stuff, and another family chimed in, and they’re all (including the husband!) knitters and crocheters! wow! You never know where you can find knitters!!

More people identified my pastime as SOCKS correctly, even when I was just working on the leg.

So, we get called back intothe PACU,and Isaac was completely asleep. Knocked out. What did I do while waiting? Turned the heel!

see? Lots of time waiting…and lots of knitting done.

waiting still sucks.

As for the little guy, everything is fine, and everything went textbook. We’ll know the BSER results at his next appointment with Dr. Mousakes.


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